What is the diff. between Ti bolsters and Al. bolsters?

Jan 12, 2001
the subject really says it all. i'm asking in regards to all the ppl saying to get a MT LCC now before they switch over to Al bolsters. is there really a big difference? will the knife not be as sturdy/durable/nice? AND does anyone else have a problem with bladeforums not loading a complete page when you click a link, and instead showing only the banner ad?

andy vesik
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The knife should be just as sturdy, and lighter. People seem to like Ti crammed into their knives anyway they can get it, though. (myself included)


Oh yeah I hear they will be anodizing them black, too.
Ti is much more expensive than Al. Also more difficult to work with. MT apparently underpriced the LCC and got caught in a tough cash flow situation. They had to find a way to make the knife cheaper. I understand the price is going to go up anyway--even for the Al bolsters. Grab the Ti while you still can.
Ti is lighter, tougher and does not scratch as easily. As mentioned, it is much more expensive and difficult to work with.
The Ti itself may not scratch as easy but the coating MT uses sure does.
Ti is actually heavier than aluminum. It is also more scratch and dent resistant than Al. The equalizer in this situation is that Al can be hard coat anodized in such a way as to become much more scratch resistant (though I doubt this process can do much to prevent heavy dents). Ti, of course, can be anodized as well, but the coating is not nearly as durable as the anodized coatings that can be applied to Al.

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