What is the least you can get by with?

Feb 3, 2001
Ok, we all have asked the question "what do you carry in your survival kit?", and the list have been rather long at times. So what is the least that you can carry and be certain of survival with?

Here Goes,

CRK Mountaineer II
50' 550 Para-Cord
3 yds Snare wire
Gor-Tex Poncho
micro Fishing Kit
Minimal 1st Aid Kit
2 1qt. canteens
The most glaring item...[Pun Warning]...you have left out is a signal mirror. The importance of being able to be seen in a survival situation is frequently underestimated. A whistle is a good idea too as that noise will travel much further than a yell.
Hi Backpacker,

You got my vote, a large Military Firesteel from Light-My-Fire Sweden and a piece of Maya-Wood attached to the Firesteel lanyard and you have your fire burning very quickly and this keeps you warm, cooks your food sterilizes water and can signal searchers.

Best Scouting wishes from Holland,

I would "enjoy" the following in a survival situation;

Battle Mistress
small folder
.22 cal rifle
550 cord
2 mil plastic sheeting, "for firebed floor"
Fire starter, though optional if in dry timber area.(can use friction fire)
iodine tabs or filter
32 ounce nalgene or my hydrastorm bladder and hydrastorm pack to store everything in.

I went out last week with these items, everything went smoothly although I would also throw in a small shovel to dig the firebed as It took us two hours dig the hole with dig sticks. Although we were in the rocky terrain of the sierras, in sandy areas like florida it wouldn't be necessary. snare wire is also nice, to go with your deadfalls. Fishing kit is also nice.

The Swedish military fire steel with maya-wood attachment is excellent. I carry at least three sources for starting a fire, each source placed in a seperate location on my person/pack incase one is lost. Here is a reference you might want to check out. It is the new Laser Strike knife offered by Jeff Randall: www.jungletraining.com

With Bagheera's fire steel in my pack and the Laser Strike on my web belt, I will now have four (4) sources of fire starting with only two items. That's cutting down and doubling-up. I like to consolidate and do without extras, so this is for me a good question.
Judging from this and other posts, I'll just carry Bagheera on my back, then I'll be sure to survive! :D
You said the LEAST I can get by with? Here's what I had about 20 years ago when I got bewildered in the Adirondacks overnight:

.30-30 with 6 rounds,
Buck M102 Woodsman,
1 pack Newport Lights,
Snickers bar, and
a BIC lighter.

What would I prefer as a minimum?

USGI Canteen/cup/stove combo,
Marble's matchsafe (full of my hand painted strike anywhere's),
First Aid Kit,
Buck M102 Woodsman,
SAK Soldier,
50' USGI 550 paracord, and,
USGI poncho.

What do you mean by hand painted strike anywhere?
Did you make them yourself? If so I would be interested in how.
I cant get them where i live.
I use my gf's bright red nail polish to paint the head and upper 1/3rd of normal strike anywhere matches. Once each match is painted, it's stuck in a board full of 1/8"w x 1/4"d holes. I then put the full board in the oven @ 200 degrees for 45 minutes to make sure they're all completely dry. After cooling, I place the completed matches in small 50ct ziploc type bags and then into a tupperware type container for storage.

DO NOT use the quick dry topcoats which women use to hasten drying. The quick dry permeates the nail polish and, subsequently, the match head.

I keep a couple old Marble's match safes full of these matches and always have at least 100 spares in small ziploc style bags (packaged in 50ct bags) along with two film canisters full of vaseline impregnated cotton balls. When teamed up with Bagheera's Swedish FireSteel, I have a great reliable fire starting system.

Absolute minimum?

Small Dozier and matches.

As long as I'm dressed for the weather, everthing else can be obtained using the small Dozier knife. I suppose if I was good at making a fire with friction methods, the matches could be left behind, too.

Ingenuity, knowledge, and patience are the key in a survival situation, as is the will to keep trying. In reality, if you have these, you need nothing else except what nature gives you.

I'll still take the knife and the matches, though!!

Hi Swede: That was a funny post. You might want to calculate his weight first then decide what to cut out...like drop the shoes but keep the strings, get rid of the keys in his pocket but keep the chewing gum, etc. :)

I like all the posts. Nice thing about them, we get ideas and can pick and choose from each list to come up with our own. I really like the Jet's comments, as they represent to me the ultimate goal! But then again I would like to have one of Sgt.Mike's Marble's match container full of home made waterproof matches and then....see what I mean?

With your new Laser Strike on it's way, you may just have the perfect piece of survival gear available. I just love that the knife contains 3 fire starting methods, and does this without a hollow handle.:eek:

Kudos to Jeff Randall and TOPS, and to you for getting one! (BTW, I've waited a long time to use the word "kudos" in a sentence!:D )