What is the meaning of this? aka Voyager XL Tanto Mod Thread - didn't happen

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That looks like the outline of a Cold Steel Voyager XL. And...if what I think is happening is happening that big ol' knife is about to get some beautiful G10 handles and an excellent blade. I think it would look excellent with one of those super sweet tanto grinds he does.
This is my third attempt at folding knife scales, my first being a failed attempt to make G10 scales for this very model, the XL voyager, a year and a half ago or so. My second attempt was a pair of scales that replaced the G10 on a modified Resilience, and it worked out well enough.

As for a reblade, think eventually, but it's not what I had in mind. But I'll probably regrind my factory AUS10 tanto blade into a super kwaiken.

I wonder if there are guys and gals out there who would splurge on G10 or Micarta handles for their XL Voyagers?

The plan for this first pair of scales is something more like the look of the older Voyager handles, more elegant, and certainly more comfortable. And a proof of concept to myself so I know that I can make lock back knife scales.
Basically this is just a fun knife to experiment on. I was going to make a full flat/convex kwaiken shape with an even more acute tip profile, and more gradual and consistent belly. That would be a super slicer kwaiken. But we're not there yet. Intermediary stages can be of interest, and sometimes are even the right place to stop.

Regrind, Phase 1: Super tough kwaiken

Let's try a super kwaiken, or my first phase of what that can mean. Super here means edge geometry and absolute strength, including lateral. I preserved the tip geometry of the factory tanto from the spine to the edge, which leads to a point of sudden bevel increases where the tanto sub-tip used to be. Modest material consumption, coarser finish, not a tanto, not a drop point, not a wharncliffe. But with a new handle and back spacer maybe could be rebladed to a full 5.6" wharncliffe knife. In which case we are free to consider other mods to this AUS10 blade.

This would be where to stop if I was keeping this as a worker. I hit it with a coarse satin finish, and a few facets on the tip bevels. The alternative was to make the entire surface extremely thin and flat, and noticeably thinner and convex. I felt this below option best represents the super tough kwaiken. As far as folders go, anyway... And super sized of course.


Gonna think about what's phase 2 after this knife gets kicked around a bit.

Not ready to start the scales just yet.
David, that looks like an attractive and useful re-imagining of the Talwar. Really nice work, I suppose I'll have to add one of these to my "must buy in future" list.
I wonder if there are guys and gals out there who would splurge on G10 or Micarta handles for their XL Voyagers?
Yes , definitely some .

But in large part , Cold Steel fans are value seekers , i.e. cheap a$$ . ;)
Thanks. Looks like my Voyager XL plans are going to take a bit of a detour of unknown duration. But a fixed blade kwaiken is on the horizon. Just not sized anything like that.
Did the Voyager xl scales go any further? I have one I find useful but don't love the factory scales.
'fraid not. Sorry for the delayed reply. I'll close the thread so it disappears from further notice. :oops:
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