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Jan 4, 2016
A HDFK with vintage, edge cut micarta was on the exchange today. In my mind that is the, THE quintessential CPK. That blade, in Delta 3V, and those scales just seem the be everything that is CPK. The OG FK is pretty close, but the HDFK in AECM is just so all encompassing.

What one specific knife is the all in all for you?

(Photos are encouraged, of course)


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Jan 23, 2007
One of each of the above mentioned will work:

101.JPG bj4dpRg.jpg



Josh K

Sep 29, 2008
Get ready to disagree with me, but the Shiv isn’t a “one and only one” knife if you care about cutting stuff. It’s an indestructible knife, that is certainly true. And it’s a Carothers so it will definitely cut. But the UF will cut better and being a Carothers will take a fairly large amount of abuse if needed. This is where my mind goes when thinking about the “only one” question:

EDC: too small
Anything with chopper in the name: too big
Shiv: Damn that’s cool
FK2: great hiking knife
DEF: :drool:
UF: :love:
Jan 4, 2019
I would have to say it's the Shiv. Along with the UF it is the one that introduced me to CPK maybe 4-5 years ago. I think the design process that went into it really tells something about the CPK philosophy (if I may say that), as it is a purpose and performance driven design even though such blade might not be the most practical one to use in everyday life for most people. I can appreciate designing practical blades for more niche uses, the K18 being another good example of that. Also it just looks badass :D

It is somewhat of a "grail" knife for me, but I doubt I will ever own one for couple reasons. One being that it's no longer in production and the other one being that the ones that occasionally come up in the secondary market fetch a considerable premium over the original pricing. For me CPK is also about offering good value for the money and not so much about cashing in with rarity and novelty. Of course there are customizations offered for those that are willing to pay for it, but the base models are relatively fairly priced and still offer the same performance. So for me paying double or more for a Shiv on the secondary market only for the rarity takes something away from what CPK represents for me.

For obvious reasons I don't have my own pictures of the Shiv, but this one is really nice:

Big DJ

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Oct 29, 2013
EDC pattern is perfect size for daily / work use for me. As a tradesman I can find many times a day to whip it out and not scare my clients. I even think that its about perfect for camping and hunting chores. The Field knife is a great size for camping but too big for field dressing big game for me. I have used a Havalon Paronta for birds to Elk sized game for many years and it has a small really scary sharp scalpel blade that works like Nathan's new light saber hollow ground Field knife.
All that being said, the FK2 handle is perfect for my hands. I've never has a knife that fits my grip so well.
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