What is this about?


I share your concern as well, but for the reason that this man does not even seem to know which company he is representing. Did he ever clarify if it was "EDI" or "IDE". The last time I checked "IDE" was just a computer interface type.

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Hmmm, lets see now.

Junior member who makes it sound like he works for a company called IDE (could he mean EDI?) and is giving away a knife who's name may be trademarked by another company (if he's really with IDE). Claims to have a good lawyer (why the need?) who says that they can change the rules (and therefore outcome) of the contest (maybe not even giving away a knife at all) at their discretion.

I'll admit it may sound a bit fishy, but I wouldn't think there's too much to be concerned about unless he's directly involved with you or BF. (I tried to get the profile of the writer of the post and only got a server error message back)


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I thought it was a joke. Unless he has a way to use information that can be found on a persons profile, what can he gain. Just make sure you use (r) when mentioning anything about that post. They have a good lawyer.
OK The IDE (r) person needs to Clarify (r) what the %^&*#^%# (r) they are talking about (r).

The last I heard IDE was "Integrated Device Engineering".

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Mike this is the post he made in
rec.knives. There is no mention of an attorney there and it is explained a little better.

Group: rec.knives Date: Wed, Jun 23, 1999, 5:00pm (CDT+5) From: tomwalz@email.msn.com Drawing for free knife in Talonite
Short history
We are a research firm. Maybe a year ago we posted to see if our industrial metal, Talonite(r), would make good hand held knives.   We received a tremendous amount of good help from that one posting.
Talonite makes excellent knives. Several makers had custom Talonite (r) knives in Atlanta.
EDI is now making the very first production run of Talonite (r) knives in their Genesis series.
To show our appreciation for the help we received here we will give away one of these knives. (I am paying $170 for it.)
This is supposed to be a simple, fun contest. Just post as to why you deserve the knife more than anyone else. Serious, funny, whatever. If nothing else, just say "pick me " and give contact information.
We will have the original Talon (a really neat 3 year old boy)draw the winner from among the best entries. We will give the knife away as soon as we get it. Look at EDI's page for the description.

This is our contest and our rules. We reserve the right to do whatever we wish with this contest.
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It just looked a bit funny with the disclaimer, IDE and the threat of lawyers.

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Thanks Mike,

I appreciate your concern here. His post on rec.knives got me to post (first one ever). I hope it really is ligit and the KF post is just EDI misspelled.

Titan made the suggestion of checking with Will at EDI - seems like a good idea.

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And what if it isn't legit. You've posted something on BF-- something we're all privy to doing-- and if you don't want someone getting info about you, don't post personal info in your profile. Doesn't seem to me like a huge security concern. As for raising false hopes, that's a different matter...


PS I did find it somewhat amusing that he misspelled reason.. "reaosn " And as for his pseudo lawyer-babble, I wasn't particularly impressed...