What is your favorite Bladeforum topic?

Feb 5, 1999
I have been surfing the forums for about a month now and have come across loads of great information. And I thought I was a knife nut.

Now while I think there are alot of great topics here, I find I gravitate more towards the Blade discussion forum, the Reviews forum, and the Spyderco forum.

I use this info to help me decide what is good and what isn't, and it has helped me become a little more knowledgeable and perhaps a bit critical in choosing knives.
I've learned so much more here then by reading the varying mags on the subject. Not only that but the info and reviews I get here are honest.
So how about the rest of you?

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To me the "big three" is the main, Tactical and Shop Talk. Community is cool for fun, I keep an eye on Review, Spydie, Camillus, Non-Specific Mfg. and Politics. I pop in now and again on Collector and Custom.

R.K.2 isn't my fave, but it seems worth lookin' at to "ease newbies into the scene", so far it's only good point.

A note on "Community" (which I moderate): So far it's best "usefulness" has been in cases of forumites offering advice on stuff totally non-knife related, everything from movie reviews to motorcycle choices. We're all friends, and it seems worth having a place to be "randomly off topic"...and of course, that's in addition to plain ol' general humor. The one time a thread *did* develop towards interests more in keeping with the overall site (Kydex armor for tactical and impact) I redirected the conversation towards Shop Talk to take advantage of the greater Kydex expertise available there.

That's how "wormhole threads" came about.

Re: Shop Talk: Spark, methinks the idea of combining all "knife craftsmanship issues" into a single subforum has definately proven itself. We've also got but ONE Tactical forum and again, I think that's proper. I hope Bob Taylor helps inject some extra "life" into there, he's MORE than qualified.

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My favorite BladeFroums.com topic is...


Some Kind Of Wonderfull

As I'm most interested in auto knives, I check that forum out first, then the main forum, then I usually check out the forsale forum looking for bargains (and there have been quite a few lately!, I've gotten in the habit of going by the house during lunch to catch the UPS guy <g>). I usually check out the custom and collector forums once every few days just to catch up on anything I might've missed.

For me, the auto knife forum is the most valuable, there's really not that much info available on autos in the more general knife press, it's great to have a forum devoted to those knives here, thanks!

Currently, the Spyderco forum. It was long overdue and what a wealth of information and from the man himself!


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