What kind of "collector" are you?

Oct 3, 1998
Y'know, it's interesting. As I read posts about the value of microtechs, it seems that there are at least two groups of us "collectors" out there with different goals. Personally, I collect knives because I like them. I enjoy carrying different styles, but have no plans to sell them, or hope that their value increases. For me, the only thing that I look at is the cost of a knife relative to its inherent value. For a collector who keeps his knives in mint condition and hopes to see them increase in sales value, I guess that a seemingly overpriced knife is o.k., assuming that people will pay even more for it down the line. What do you guys think about when pricing a knife?

My collection is much like yours. I can't imagine buying a knife or a gun for that matter that I do not intend to use. The only thing that makes me a collector is that I can't bring myself to sell anything.

On the other hand, I do have the most specialized, valuable collection in existence. It consists of the knives and guns that please me the most.
I'm with both of you guys, I can't imagine buying a knife and never cutting anything with it. I've heard that some guys don't even take thm out of the box! I'm not out to offend anyone, I just don't understand that kind of collecting.

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Fred,you have brought up a question I have been pondering about for awhile now.I beleive there is a 3rd type of collector and this is the category I fit into.I first look at a knife as to whether I like it looks,feel,materials used&quality.If I want it and can afford it I buy it,usually without much thought about resale value.But I know later I may sell or trade it.This allows me to satisfy my impulsive urges to to splurge without draining my rat-hole account. Although it does lead to remorse or regret when you have parted with a good one.

I'm sure I'll still own some of my prize possessions years down the road.Some of them will leave like faded memories.But I'll still have fun along the way.After all its not so much the knives you own but the enjoyment and friendships shared with people. After all thats why I come to this forum.

I can't beleive I wrote something so corny.
But I meant it.
Fred,I checked your profile(sorry) I see your a doctor.

Are you a shrink?

If so are you going to bill me?

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I, also like knives that I will not be afraid to use and do use them. However, the pieces in my collection are not un-thoughtfully beat up either. The knives of my collection are carefully chosen and only used for the designed purpose.

I like collecting what I call “fighters” and I probably have a different definition of what a fighter is then most. But that’s OK as it is my collection … right ! ?

I own many knives but my “collection” is small as I only add items that I like, that fit “my” definition of “fighter” and that are functional beyond the norm for their purpose.

My favorite, without question is the “Genghis”. I am also awaiting a new “fighter” that will be added to my collection from Alan Elishewitz. After that I have another on the board that I am going to have Alan Folts make. All in all designing and collecting “fighters” (that are just for me) is my therapy as it is great fun. I don’t care if anyone else thinks my collection is worth .05 cents or not as I never intend to sell them.

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Wow Bodeen,
Kinda brought a tear to my eye...snif!
I agree with you 100%. With any kind of collecting you should buy what you like. Don't just be concerned about whether or not it will go up in value. If you do that, it's not a hobby anymore, and not much fun.

I'm mostly interested in the self defense, or tactical side of knives. To me a knife is a weapon first and a tool second (actually I think a weapon is a tool anyway, so that's a moot point). I enjoy knives from that niche, and if I see something I like, I buy it. If it turns out to not meet my standards, or if I find something I like better, I'll trade it in or sell it. I do have some knives I would never part with. And I have some that I have never used that I may keep forever, who knows? I like to think that most knife and gun collectors are more like us.

Okay, I'm starting to ramble.....I'm out of here!

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I think accumulator fits me more than collector. Small folders, autos, balisongs, khukuris, large folders and more. All are interesting and each one in my accumulation has given me pleasure from the time my interests in that steel, shape, handle material, and use are piqued until purchase and use. Haven't parted with one yet, but way too many to rotate even if carry multiple knives ona daily basis. Some where in the next 20 or so, I will have to start trading to make room
. I guess.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?

I buy knives to own. I appreciate my collection may have some commercial value, and that value may appreciate over time, which of couse is a big plus. But, I hope my descendants will get to actually realize that value.

In the intrim I will continue to use some of the knives in the field, while others (some over 150 years old) will remain in storage indefinitely. My collection serves many purposes:

In order of priority these would include:
1) use in the field
2) kept for historical reference
3) kept to eduacate others - product
evolution and marketing strategy.
4) entertainment

Investment would be well down the list.

Is there a psychoanalyst in the house?!?!

I like to buy knives to use. But I did buy one just to play with in front of the tv. But after awhile it gets hard to use them all! Maybe I'll set up a system like what was on those old underpants. You know, Monday, Tuesday... Uhoh, better make that days of the month.
The knives must be "user-friendly".

It breaks my heart to see someone buy a knife only to put it on a shelf and never use it. Now, before I offend anyone, there are knives out there that are designed to be admired, not used. I cannot afford these knives!!!!

Just my opinion, of course.

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All the knives in my present "collection" are used for utility or defense. I always carry one for each use.

There are a couple of "dream knives" I'll buy in the future for the display case

These will compose my "other" collection

I am a reluctant collector.

I try not to collect knives; when I see a knife I want even though I have no real need for it I try to restrain the urge to buy it unless I can convince myself it'll be more useful for some purpose than anything I already have. Unfortunately I'm very good at convincing myself of that so I end up buying a lot of knives.... You might look at all my knives and say I have a collection, but I never intended to accumulate a collection of knives; I bought them all to use -- honest I did! I never bought a single knife just because I wanted to have it.... Excuse me, my lawyer is whispering in my ear....

May it please the court, I cannot deny I am a knife collector -- but I never intended to do it! I can only plead that you judge me not by my actions but by my intentions, and take into account that I have done everything in my power to resist my natural urges, and if I have strayed from the straight and narrow path of buying knives only to use them it was never by intention. I throw myself on the mercy of the court.

-Cougar Allen :{)
I keep what I call a "carry collection." Knives that all fit a certain class and are rotated through "pocket time" based on my mood and expected needs, the way some folks do with shoes. I concentrate on folders over 3.5" with blade holes and tip-down carry. This way I don't need to practice much more for each or be very aware of what I'm carrying in order to deploy it effectively. I have 8 knives that currently fill a spectrum from utility-emergency defense (Police, Calypso) to pure defense (Civilian). My Wave does all the day-to-day work so that these knives stay sharp and ready for more important tasks.

If that seems like a narrow range of knives, this is simply because a wider one would leave me too many choices and I would never have 1/10th of the knives I wanted. I have a few fixed-blades and of course some of my own knives of all types, but I don't "collect" these. I keep my knife cravings in check by limiting it to a very small (and fairly arbitrary) range. I won't even consider handmades because there are far too many I'd want

I have no problems with the way anyone collects except when folks confuse a knife's investment value (e.g. Microtechs) with its advantages as a tool. "Best to collect" isn't the same as "best to use." I do dislike "art" knives because I feel all art forms are defined by what can be achieved within their limitations. Take away the limitations inherent in a useable knife and it becomes sculture, and (while it may still be excellent) must be judged as such and not as a knife.

-Drew Gleason
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I also have two different collections, but I never really intended for it to be that way. I have my "carry collection" consisting of a slew of knives with blades up to 5" (I love living in Texas). I also have the collection of knives that I don't use as much because of the purpose of the blade (like my "killing knives"). I work out with them on my sparring trees, but that's about it. I would never buy a knife and leave it in it's box, unless I was very, very disappointed with it.


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I tend to collect what I like, within my limited budget, of course. I'm all over the board as far as interests go, which I like because I am not locked in on any specific type or maker. As far as how I arrive at a price, I set my upper limit and then do some informal research to determine how much that knife is selling for. I probably only buy one out of every ten knives that catches my interest. I buy for enjoyment and have never bought for investment as I intend to leave my knifes to my grandson to enjoy. I have found the stock market a better place to invest.

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Look, please, at your wall. What's there? We often hang things on our walls, you know. You may have a peg board for storing and organizing tools. You may have a cork board for posting reminders and keeping important papers. You may have a mirror to help you shave or check for bits of lunch caught in your teeth. You may have a chalk board or white board for jotting quick reminders or for working out problems.

You may have signs up that either in words or in symbols give information and direction. They say things like "Exit" or "Restrooms are around this corner." There's one here in my study that says, "In case of fire, throw water... not scotch." That's important advice, especially since I'm more likely to have the later at hand.

Sometimes, we put maps or other charts or graphs or other important information we want to refer to.

Sometimes, we hang up pictures of loved ones or awards or degrees we've received or other reminders of people we've know, things we've done, etc.

You might even hang a dart board up and throw darts at it for fun.

And sometimes, just sometimes, we go out and spend a lot of money for some painting or other work to hang on our wall that has no practical purpose, that doesn't communicate any important message, that doesn't announce anything, that doesn't have any vital reference information on it either. We buy it and put it up because it looks nice and we like it.

Some knives we buy for their utility. Some, we buy for their artistic value. You could throw darts at a beautiful painting if you wanted to, but you wouldn't because that's not what it's for. Just as you wouldn't throw darts at that painting, there are some knifes that you just don't use.

I'm a bit unique in that I collect butterfly knives. Cutting isn't the only thing you can do with a butterfly. To tell you the truth, I rarely cut anything with a butterfly. Sometimes, I open the mail with one, but my AFCK is more likely to get that assignment. But, I enjoy manipulating my knives very much. The goal here, of course, is not to cut anything (especially yourself).

Some time ago, I bought an expecially artful custom butterfly. As I examined the maker's work, I noticed how absolutely sharp the edge was. But, the maker knew when he made that knive that it would never be used to cut anything. He still put that edge on there, though, because that's an essential part of the knife as artistic forum.


I refer to myself as an "accumulator" of knives.

I buy the ones I like, keep them until I like them no more, and then sell them.

I put no thought whatsoever into resale value or anything else.

As well, I find the ones that are woth something on the secondary market are things I don't like.

For instance, Microtechs.

I have never met a Microtech I like, never not once. They are smooth and precise but to me they are cold. Closest thing to liking a Microtech is the Hornet of Microtech descent by MoD.

Of course there is the odd time I see a really good deal and buy a knife to immediately resell it, but I am not buying it for me, I am buying it for someone I know wants it.

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I don't buy any one kind of knife, but as a whole most of the knives I buy NEW are tactical to some degree. Most f the knives I have are pieces I bought for like nothing used, for the sole purpose of cleaning them up. I don't carry anything that can't be applied to numerous situations, without scaring the crap out of people when I take it out. Right now I carry either a Benchmade 830s or 350s, and always a Victorinox Pioneer. I collect not for value, for for possession.


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My rules for collecting knives:

1. I have to like it.
2. Affording it is not an issue.
3. See rule #1.

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I Have a large collection, and it does include what some woulg call "art" knives, but I would not hesitate to use one of these "art" knives if I needed it. Unlike some, all of my knives are out of their boxes, I think the only boxes that I even still have are the ones that I dropped on the floor while hurrying to open them
My collection is for display, but I display even the BM Axislock that I carry daily-it sits on an oak stand on top of my entertainment center,along with my keys.
The only thing that I collect solely for display is swords. While I have a few that are made to be used, most are made for display, and besides, when was the last time you said to yourself, "I could really use a sword right about now"?

Just my $.02