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What kind of file?

Aug 17, 1999
I need to change the blade angle on an SRK. What kind of file works best for removing large amounts of metal? The file I tried either was to dull or not hard enough.

Joshua 24:15

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A big (10" or 12") mill file will remove a startling amount of metal and leave a fairly smooth finish. A crosscut might remove even more, but the surface will be awful. I'm talking from experience with unhardened steel, though - on a hardened blade I still think these are worth a shot, but it's gonna take work.

Never try to sharpen a knife with a crosscut file. The whole point of the crosscut is to SMOOTH and round, not sharpen. The proper tool for rough work is the mill bastard file so named because it is cut only 1 way. I use a medium fine bastard for my inexpensive machetes, lawn mower blades, etc. I've never applied one to a knife, but if I did I would try for the finest grain I could find...
Thanks to all. I picked up a mil bastard file this afternoon, now it's time to re-profile.


Joshua 24:15