What kind of folder do you carry?


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Jan 4, 2016

I have a friend who has become one of those guys I'd take a bullet for. Like, if he called me and said, "bring a shovel and don't ask questions" that's what I would do. He's just a dear friend and I count him among the very best people I know and someday I hope to be as good of a guy as he is.

He is not into knives, but he knows I am. He wanted to do something nice for my birthday and he got this for me. I was stunned. Literally slack jawed. He is very quiet and reserved and when he gave this to me he would have died of embarrassment if I had made a big deal about it in front of everyone else.

This is a Benchmade Tengu flipper. It's the gold class, which is very nice, but silly extravagant. "No comment" if you were to ask me if it's worth the premium. But I was at a loss for words when he gave this to me.

It's a really nice little knife. I like it very much. I had actually been looking at this in the regular 'ol blue class version.

I have a number of knives far better than I deserve. Joe is a friend in that same "better than I deserve", gold class, for sure.


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Feb 10, 2019
This one keeps me carrying DEK1 size fixed blades or larger. The Spyderco Military seamed a little big at first. It is not too big. It’s perfectly sized for me. It is also tough and it just cuts well. I have several Spyderco’s and a Sebenza 21. I have also owned many folders including Hinderer’s and Strider. The Military keeps getting the most use of all of them.
I use it, abuse it. Sharpen on the Spyderco sharpmaker. Repeat.
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Jan 23, 2006
I love that stretch, I had the chance of getting one in powder blue and I got the black one, shame on me
Stay on the hunt! The San mai Vtoku2 blade really takes the pattern up a few notches and really opened my eyes to what a high hardness/tough blade that is thin behind the edge can do. Vtoku2 isn’t known for wear resistance but the edge stability is exceptional. Just slides through everything like a honed filet.