What kinda knife do you collect/carry/like?

Aug 2, 2000
Interested in seeing the difference in tastes on the forum.

For me I like a well made folder, with a Wharncliffe style blade. I like 'em plain, or fancy. I do like some fixed but only a few select. I'd love to be ABLE to afford the great art knives that are out there, but that is a ways off for me. What I carry day to day is a combination of Bub Worrell Peanut, Gene Anderson lockback, and Ray Kirk neck knife. AT least one of the 3 and sometimes all three.

Another question. How do you feel about carrying a very expensive custom with you as a daily? I mean $500> range. The three I carry total very close to that range, and I am VERRY watchful when I have all of them on me.

So give! What you guys carry, collect inquiring minds (mine!) wanna know!


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I collect Cold Steel knives.

My daily carry knives are 2 CS Voyagers. Both are plain-edge Clip-Points. A Medium, and an Extra-LARGE.

Sometimes I also carry either my CS Outdoorsman, or my CS Stainless Tanto.

I also have a Leatherman Micra in my key wallet.

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I have only been collecting knives for a couple of years, I started out collecting what ever was new and cool in the world of tactical folders, then I decided I needed a knife for any occasiong or situation, so I bought big fixed blades, little fixed blades, utility knives, fighting knives, tactical folders, small folders, gents knifes. Then I cam to the realization that everyone of my spyderco knives was excellent, and I started collecting only spydercos. After accumulating about 40 spydies, I cam to the realization that I would never use or carry most of them, and that they all were similar to some of the others. I then traded off the spydies, and have been collecting small custom fixed blades with many different natural handle materials and steals from various custom makers. I also have been collecting William Henry lancets. I am sure my tastes will change again, as I mature and learn more about knives.
Right now my EDC and only decent knife is a Spyderco Starmate. I hope to make it my EDC beater with the addition of a Carson mod. 18 in Talonite as my main blade. I've also got my eye on a D2 Sifus, but only if it comes equipped with a clip. I guess you could say I'm after medium-large tac folders. Of course I also want a Fallknives F1, so I guess I'm really after all knives. Watch out!

I only buy/collect (for the most part) what I like and can carry. For me, that means affordable (<100, sometimes waaay under!. CRKT or Spyderco quality at a minimum) <3.5 inch bladed folders. One hand is a must. Clip is too, though I only use it on the weekends with jeans.
Everyday I carry a Spyderco Delica (the old model with the built in clip).

For the woods I carry a Gerber LMF, a Cold Steel mini outdoorsman and a Victorinox (model: can´t remember, its my oldest knife still in use). For opening letters I have one abused (ex "throwing knife") Gerber Guardian. That´s all. All of them old knives (but in good condition) and no customs.

Would love to buy a BIG MT Kestrel (for everyday use) or a Benchmade Balisong. But too bad, the first don´t exist (am I wrong?) and the second is illegal. Ooops, the automatic Kestrel is also illegal here. Well you can always look at the pictures..

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I carry mostly folders from Spyderco or Buck, but will carry a Darrel Ralph MADD MAXX as soon as the one I have on order arrives.
As far as a fixed blade is concerned, in about 6 months I will be getting a Kubikiri from Mike Snody. I will carry this knife every day.


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Most of my collection are forged fixed blade knives (more than 20). I have recently begun picking up some traditional sorts of folders from a couple of makers (lockbacks and friction folders).

My daily carry knife is one or the other of two different PJ Tomes folders. The first is a pearl handled little beauty with a 3 inch 420V blade, the other is a two-bladed stag handled 'moose' folder with 52100 blades. They each cost more than $500, but I bought them to be using knives and have absolutely no qualms about using either. I do not abuse them, however. I have less expensive knives I do not use. Whether I use a knife or not is not necessarily determined by cost.

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i mainly "collect", [read horde] handmade fixed blades.this is my main interest. i carry 2 good folders and 1 good fixed daily.
the fixed is a custom 52100 3 inch blade with a gator tooth handle.
the folders are a kit carson model 4 clip point in cpm440v, and a tom mayo tnt[talonite 'n titanium].
as for qualms about carrying expensive blades, no problem. i don't want to own it if i can't use it.

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I like to collect Japanese influenced fixed blades. The ray covered, cord wrapped handles are impressive to me. Knives by Mike Snody and Steve Corkum are part of my collection. I want a Wally Hayes Typhoon neck knife and a custom by Gary Bradburn.
On the production side I enjoy collecting Cold Steel knives. My favorite is the Imperial Damascus Tanto. It took me ten years and a big trade to obtain one.
The Rob Criswell katana is nice for the budget-minded collector as well. (If you want a katana!)
Generally I collect and use tactical folders . They are easy to access, easy to open, and carry very well. I like both varieties of production and custom tac folders, but recently in the past couple years or so I am putting more emphasis on the customs. Like any knife nut, I enjoy looking at and handling all sorts of folders but I have fallen into the Carson-Ralph rut (though, a good rut to be in
) I do like fixed blades too, those with blade lengths around 4-5 inches (Cetan, GenO Denning's Model B), and have a thing for neck knives with ergonomic handles (ArcLite and Pikuni), I get a lot of use out of these. That's mainly it for me.

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Collect, use and carry Spydercos... And any custom folders with a round hole is definitely a MUST-GET!! *hee-hee!*


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Samo, have you discovered Tom Mayo's excellent work yet? Most of his knives have Lots of round little holes that you may find exceptionally desirable

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I am not a knife collector. Really. I only buy knives for various carry purposes. Okay, that last bit is pretty much true.

I only buy knives that I would like to carry. Some of them are for unusual circumstances, like my "dress" knife for formal occasions (CRKT Wasp). All of them look interesting in various ways, at least to my taste, and all of them are practical. I keep a wide range of sizes so that I'll have something I can carry just about anywhere. At least, that's what I tell myself.

My current list:

Microtech Greg Lightfoot LCC
Benchmade 730 Allen Elishewitz Ares in maroon/black
Kershaw Ken Onion Boa multi-colored
Spyderco Native with inlaid blue mosaic shell
Spyderco Native in blue
CRKT 8001 Howard Viele Wasp

The Sifu doesn't quite fit into my usual visual styles, but . . . it's a Sifu!

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I just like knives! I would like to say I just like the higher end folders, and auto's, but the truth of the matter is, that I will buy any kind of knife as long as it grabs my attention. My Cheapest knife is about $10, and my most expensive is $2800.

I have about thirty or so middle to high end auto's, and folders, by makers such as Corbit, Steigerwalt, Crawford, Hinderer, and Sawby to name a few. I'm also a Damascus freak!

The style blade I most like are, the tactacal's, and then daggers. My best liked handle materal is Blue Walrus Tusk, and next is Elephant Ivory. Wow! I'm just ranting... I guess I'm just trying to say, is that there isn't just one kind of knife that I like. I want them all!

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I also just like knives in general. My collection includes varying sizes of fixed blades and folders in a wide price range. My main interest lately has been Spyderco and quality production tactical knives like Emerson,Benchmade and Microtech. I just ordered my first Sebenza, so custom folders may be the next step!

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I'm still trying to sort out what I want to collect. Lately I have been buying REKATs, but that is subject to change.

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