What knife did you carry on Thanksgiving

Oct 27, 1998
I went with my mini-socom, always a good show off piece! No I didn't touch the turkey with it but did use it on a bottle of bubbly.


Crawford Kasper Fighting Folder in the right pocket, BM AFCK 800LS modified by Kevin Gentile (Hi-Speed Folder) in the left pocket


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No turkey dinner, so I took a ride on my motorcycle.
Along went my Cheyenne auto clipped in the right lapel pocket of my coat. Had my large Sebenza in its sheath on my belt, a mini-UDT in my right front jeans pocket, and the Sebenza junior in storage on the bike.
BM Auto Stryker, GT CA auto and a stiff KISS in my boot. Never can tell... the turkey might fight back!

BTW - saw a flock of maybe 15 or 20 wild turkeys on the way to dinner!
All I had was the micra on my keychain. I used it once, using the tweezers and jewelers screwdriver to get a knot out of my nephew's yoyo. Then my Mom borrowed the scissors to use while she was hemming a pair of trousers. Pretty boring stuff but the micra handled both jobs.
Carried the Emerson Commander as primary but the only time I needed a knife, I drew my Victorinox Swiss Army Knife -- after all it WAS family!

Large Sebenza in sheath, M2 AFCK in left pocket, S&W 642 in ankle rig (had to travel a lot on the holiday)

I carried my new Cheyenne. My father cut the Turkey with some new 5 Star Henkels he just got.

Scuba Doo
Carried my new Spydie Military. My kids & I took a long cold walk through the woods and I was disappointed. I didn't need to cut nuth'n

Coho61 (Greg M)
Kodiak Alaska

Kershaw 4510 Lever Lock, Benchmade 350's, 1 in BT2, the other in plain blade, Smith and Wesson Shooters Toll in my change pocket,Benchmade Sentinel in my rear pocket, Boker Top Lock in my other rear pocket, CRKT Stiff Kiss in neck carry, Benchmade 401 Panther in my coat pocket and CRKT Mirage. My sister in law watched in amazement/horror as I pulled them all out and, asked why I carried so many knives. She's new to the family.
I carried my BM Panther inside my waistband, a Micra on my keychain (next to the Photon), and a Gerber Multilock in my coatpocket. The Panther had the day off but I used the Gerber to fix the clasp on a pearl necklace and the Micra to open bottles. My father-in-law said to my wife "Gee,he`s always prepared isn`t he?" My wife just shook her head and smiled,he didn`t even know about the gun and spare ammo.
Spyderco Endura while at the International Car Expo
in San Francisco.
Large Sebenza in front right pocket, Simonich Wambli in cross draw rig just left of my belt buckle.

Leatherman Micra to open bottles, BM AFCK to lop off a large hunk of ham, and BM Gent to cut up everything on my plate.