What knife does Santa carry?

This being the Christmas season and all, I was wondering the other night, "Would Santa carry a knife? What would it be?" I think Santa would definetly be a guy who could benefit from a high quality knife. I mean, suppose Santa can't untie the bag, what's he gonna do? Personally, I'd pull out my brand new Mini AFCK and cut the sucker. I don't know, what do you guys think? Outsider? Battlemistress? Just a couple suggestions.

J.P. Gassmann
Oct 2, 1998

Just caught him carrying some sort of bowie over at Knive Art's site.

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Mike Turber
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I would think besides a battle blade to ward off evil toy stealing gnomes Santa would need a tool knife for emergency sleigh repairs.Merry Christmas fellow knife lovers.
Being his neighbor up here in Alaska I know for a fact that the jolly old guy carries a EDI Genesis, balck titanium blade, plain edge.

Saw him with it.

...oh, and he wants a Chris Reeve Sebenza for his next birthday.

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska

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Something with an antler grip!

HEY, some maker could make a killing with a big ugly Bowie market "Merry (beep)ing XMas", antler grip and a little red LED at the pommel. <evil grin mode:ON>

Jim March
Santa's gotta be carrying an SAK or multi-tool. That sleigh travels too many miles in a short period of time to avoid all mechanical breakdowns. Of course, he could have the elves in a support van with a bunch of tools and supplies.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

The sled is magical and doesn't need a multitool for repairs.

I think Santa Claus would carry something from Lappland reindeer country, maybe a high-end Puukko with a reindeer antler sheath and a shamanic rattle pommel to ward off evil spirits, like this one from the Kellam catalog.



Because of his international travels I think he carry's a small non-threatning looking folder, and a MD Mirage X concealed.
Also look for the multi tool, a must have in the cold when driving a sleigh.


Mouse Assassins inc.

Greg, for a second there i thought he had the genisis that i had ordered but not recieved yet!
Then i remembered I ordered the half serrated edge!
May he use his Genisis in good health for as long as children need him.
Merry Christmas


Actually, last time I saw him around here he was packing an M-2 AFCK in plain edge with a Leatherman Super Tool and a Mad Dog Lab Rat on his belt. And wearing a Nomex lined suit of red!