What Knife for the Wife @ X-mas??

Kodiak PA

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Dec 3, 1998
Hi all. What knife would you get your wife or significant other this holiday season? Finding a great deal isn't a problem, but getting the right knife that may get her interested in knives is. I would be interested in hearing what you recommend or what you gave your spouse or girlfriend as a first knife and how they reacted to it. Has anyone given their wife or girlfriend a knife that made them equally or close to as interested in knives as you are? All advice appreciated. The knife I want to give her would be carried in her purse for general use.

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska
For a really non threatening starter it`s hard to beat a Leatherman Micra (they`re really handy too). If you`re looking for a real knife my vote goes to a Spyderco Calypso Jr. with the micarta scales. What a pretty little knife! She couldn`t help but love it. FWIW I`m nt even a big fan of Spydies! Marcus
If she's got young kids around, the idea of being able to go through seat belt material in a tearing hurry might have appeal. Forgive if this is an oversimplification, ladies, but some won't carry for their own safety but WILL for their kids. Buck's River Rafter 3.5" folding sheepsfoot has great ergos, fast access and solid lockup. The steel is "only" 425 stainless but for light use it's fine...and it'll also make a pretty decent weapon in a pinch.

Upscale from that, get a Myerchin A500 4" fixed blade sheepsfoot and send it to a custom kydex maker to get a neck sheath in pink kydex for it! Pics of the Myerchin is at www.myerchin.com and Scott Evans at Edgeworks could do the sheath. The A500 is list $55 so we're not talking about a bank-breaker project here.

I once gave a lady in a very bad neighborhood a Buck River Rafter and she carried it daily in case baby needed out of his car seat *now*. Several months later she chased two strongarm robbers away with that thing, screaming something about "you might have a gun, but this sucker's serrated, it WON'T HEAL!!!", dragging the stroller with one hand and waving the cutlery with the other. They caught the SOBs, another witness told the whole story and not only did she not face legal hassles, the cops didn't even confiscate her blade once she explained the "cut kid out of carseat" main purpose. And this was Oakland (Calif.) PD, a department notorious for anti-self-defense attitudes.

Jim March
Pretty is nice, then you have wives like mine...

I was out of town for 3 or 4 days. When I returned, there was an obvious hole in the safe... My Benchmade Stryker black blade non-serrated was missing!!! Come to find it in her purse! (it fell out, I know better than to look)

Some ladies just like the plain black look. My wife goes for the black evening look first, and she thought that knife fit right in.

And it gave me a perfect excuse to jump on an EDI Genesis and a couple of MOD knives... HEY, it worked... (grin)

I will see how she likes the Lady Hawk and go from there... She may get one for Christmas.
My daughters, being in their 30's, are probably close to the age range most of the posters are concerned with.

I gave them a box full of knives, mostly BM's, of several different types, and told them to take their pick.

Both chose the BM625S, and BM612S, the Crawford Leopard and Leopard Cub, half serrated blade. They liked the appearance, ergonomics and function (this series has consistantly the best working liner lock of all BM types I have tested).

Another good choice for 'dress up' would be the BM 850S, the Mel Pardue 'gent's' (tell her it stands for gentleperson's).

As far as the seat belt issue goes, the best tool for that is trauma shears (the large plastic handled scissors with the blunt blades angled about 30 degrees at the pivot point). Keep a pair handy in all your cars.
These work better than a knife, as they require only gross motor skills to operate, and they will cut through belts like butter; they even will cut through sheet metal. Further, the blunt points prevent accidentally cutting the person being extracted.

A small pry (or 'J') bar is also excellent to have for smashing windows, and levering doors open.

Don't forget a flashlight. Have a MagLite in all your cars, and attach a Photon to her key ring. A 3 D cell MagLite will last about 16 hours constant on, and the Photon in green will last about a week, constant on.

Hope this helps, Walter Welch MD, Diplomate, American Board of Emergency Medicine, father of two daughters.
Hi Greg!

You can get her a Microtech Halo 2!!

If she doesn't like it, then you can keep it!!

Just kidding!!

A small Sebenza
Master of Defense Tempest or Hornet
Small AFCK
Mini Socom
To name a few, I don't know what is your price range!!

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer

The "wife knife" is a hard one and an easy one at the same time. YOU may never find the right knife to please her (the hard part) but the real answer as to what to get her is; Whatever she likes and will carry.

My wife commandeered my original bead blasted BM 970 years ago. The knife needs a new liner but she is unwilling to send it to BM 'cuz she is afraid that they will replace it with a Stryker. She also carries my Commander and my Woo on occasion. Her next knife she wants is a Mad Dog Rat Thing.

Good luck
Get her something you like yourself. If she dose not like it, you can keep it.
I appreciate all of the great feedback you all have given me. I started to check all of the knives out. I appreciate the advice, it's all good.

Tim: If anybody gets a 'benza in the family it will be me first

Jim: I like that Buck, 180X2 has a gold blade and she may like that more so I am taking a serious look at those 2.

Dr. W: Excellent idea about carrying a penny shear. Will put one in the car.

Marcus: I like the micra, I use this tool more than any other piece of cutlery I own, very practical--good idea

Patrick: part of my idea is to get her so interested she will beg me to buy more knives (we'll see)

Joel & DB: I think it's reasonable for a husband to get his wife something he too can use. Makes perfect sense to me.

Derek: I may just ask her what she wants but she will probably tell me to get her what I think she would like. We will see.

Thanks all

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska
Ok, the final decision was a Buck Crosslock Solitaire, partially serrated with the gold-tin Buckcote plated blade. I figured she would initially go for the unusal looking "flashy" blade.

Thanks for all the advice

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska
Sorry about the double post

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Well my wife reads the forum so I will code the answer. enneyehc htlaets. Think she will figure it out?

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Well I was going to get her a knife but not now! Read my post titled OH NO! Thanks

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