what knife in scream 2?

Oct 11, 1998
what knife is used in Scream 2? Is it a SOG Bowie? Just had a glimse of the movie but the knife, the few second I saw it looked alright.
Help me with finding my Frost/Jack Crain "predator"machete used by Billy and I'll find out what the blade was in Scream 2........deal?
I heard the blades in Predator were all custom
for the movie. Mission Imp's knife looked
too generic along the lines of fillet knife.
The knife used in Predator (the larger one that is) is known as a Crain Life Support System. If you can actually locate one, I'd recommend buying it. I remember seeing them for $400 shortly after the movie came out. The smaller survival blades were also Jack Crain's.

Scream2's knife at the beginning looked like a Buck fixed blade.
MI's knife looked like a Boker ceramic knife.
As far as I know it's the Buck 8" bowie.
Is it called the General or the Special?
Special is the 6" I think. Well anyway,
it's a Buck Knife.

Comrade E. Chang
yep.............it's the Buck 8" bowie in scream 2. That blade has been used in a lot of movies. hhmmmmmmmmmmm, must be something to that. Possibly the same reason I still use my 36$ Ka-bar vs. some unproven high-dollar combat knife with an extreme price tag. Always stay with the winners. Just FYI, winners are generally classified as items or persons which have proven themselves well in action. The Blade in question has done so for years with many many people. So I say........."back to the drawing board Ka-Bar with the new "next generation" combat. Try again.
I have to agree the knife in MI was ceramic, it did look like a Boker. How about the knife in the case of "The Replacement Killers"...MT Socom all the way!


The knife in Scream 1 was a Buck General. I don't know which one was used in Scream 2 because I haven't seen the movie yet.

Mission Impossible. Generic European gravity knife. Picked one up on stop over in Frankfurt. Neat looking but junk.

I agree about it being junk. the art of illusion is a many splendor thing Chris. Isn't Hollywood grand. Most of the time they do use good stuff though. I saw one a s well, my friend had one. To much show, not enough go.