What knife mag. do you read?

Oct 27, 1998
I pickup about every month a publication of Knives Illustrated or Blade Mag. I'm a tactical folder fan, what magazine would you experienced knive fans recommend? I find interesting articles and good web sites from both but is their a real difference?...Or is there a better knife source?
I've only just started getting into this hobby over the past couple of months or so but those are the two magazine's I purchased. They make for great latrine reading which is pissing my wife off since we only have one restroom in the condo.
SALMON the only one that I still get is Tactical Knives. I don't think down on Knives or Blade, it was more a matter of money, or lack of it. But, I think it is one of the best around, because it provides all the information that the others do but with less clutter. With that said, I will still buy the other two if there is something in them that I want to read.

I read them all regardless of how biased the articles are and editorial content is.If you are into knives then there really is no better way to stay on top of new products,makers and some informative articles.Of course you have to put up with the fact that none of the publications will tell you anything bad about a product thats up to you to decide.
"Tactical Knives" is a lot of fun, and probably the one most people just into knives, like me, would search out again.

"Blade" and "Knives Illustrated" are also good reads and are useful if you're thinking of getting into making one for yourself.
If you are into knives enough to use this BBS,
I would recommend getting them all-
1)Tactical Knives
3)Knives Illustrated
4)The Automatic Newsletter (www.thenewsletter.com)
5)National Knife Collector
6)Knife World
7)Combat Knives Annual

Of courese Tactical Knives is my favorite, but I am biased

Like Anthony, I am biased too

I have enjoyed reading all three of the magazines (Blade, TK, and KI) for a long time now. All three specialize in different areas of the knife industry, and those who read all three have really good sources of print information on knives.
I am pretty much a knife addict, so I try to get my hands on as many knife magazines I can.
The magazines I regularly read Are Blade ,Knives Illustrated and Tactical Knives. And since they all report on different areas of the "knife world" I am never bored reading these 3 magazines each month.I only wish I could read more such magazines!!!
I'd love to read them all. Is there one that you consider best for the beginning knifemaker?
p.s. anyone have back issuses for sale... cheap?


Hey has anyone checked out Modern Knives Magazine? Its a web only magazine done by James Keating at the Comtech web site ( http://www.combattech.com). If ya liked the old Fighting Knives magazine, you will love this one. Each issue is better than the last. At $12 a year how can you go wrong?
I can never tell the difference between an honest opion and a commercial. Just kidding...I'll check it out!