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What knives are in your collection?

Discussion in 'Knife Reviews & Testing' started by steelscout30, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. steelscout30


    Aug 1, 2006
    I'm a big Cold Steel fan, so my collection is pretty predictable. I've got a 3-inch Voyager, an X2 6-inch serrated Voyager, a black Scimitar folder, a double-edge Triple Action, a Master Tanto, a Black Bear Classic, an R1 Military Classic, a Black Sable :)D), a clip-point Arc-Angel, an Ultimate Hunter, a 5-inch tanto-point Twistmaster, a San Mai Trailmaster, and some other odds and ends---still lookin for the Shinobu though. :( I've also got a Spyderco Lil' Temperance, an S30V Military, a Chinook II, and a Buck 110 from Cabela's with the CPM S30V blade heat treated by Paul Bos. I think this is pretty decent for a 14-year-old Boy Scout. What are the center pieces of your collection?
  2. walpur6isknight


    Aug 4, 2006
    Benchmade 3550, black, partial seration
    Benchmade 9050, black, partial seration
    2 Kershaw "Military" boot knives
    Kershaw Leek, black, partial seration
    and a Ka-Bar tanto

    these are all great knives, I would reccomend them to anyone, the Ka-Bar, however, is not what I need in a knife. I can't carry it around, as with my other knives I do carry 3 at any given time. I didn't like the Kershaw boot knives sheath setups they came with. The plastic sheaths had loops on the point end, which rubbed my ankles the wrong way. The nylon webbing was crap, so I threw it all away. I had a local leather shop make me a pair of rigs that I can use IWB, OWB, ankle w/ support, or simply iside the boot. Good knives, and with any Benchmade, you can not go wrong. Kershaws are great for the money. Sorry, but these are the only knives I have any real experience with.
  3. Django606


    Jul 22, 2005
    Benchmade 735
    Benchmade 940
    BenchMark Stag Bowie
    Buck Executive
    Buck Gent
    Buck Rush
    Buck Solo
    Chris Reeve Large Classic Micarta Sebenza
    CRKT M21-02
    Kershaw pistol grip knife (Don't know name or model number, older)
    Leatherman classic? (the original sized model, forgot the real name of it)
    Leatherman Micra
    Spyderco Chinook II
    Spyderco Dodo
    Spyderco Ocelot
    Victorinox Classic w/light
    Victorinox Classic w/light (clear handles)
    Victorinox Classic (black handles)
    Victorinox Classic (Snap-On on the side)
    Victorinox Soldier, minus can opener and awl
    Victorinox Rambler
  4. Hair


    Nov 9, 2005
    Buck 172 Mayo TNT
    Buck 174 Mayo Cutback
    Buck 290 Rush Platinum
    Buck 110 Folding Hunter
    Buck 119 Special
    Buck 655 Short Nighthawk
    Buck 371 Stockman
    Buck 309 Companion
    Benchmade 610SBK Rukus (Black, Combo Edge)
    Benchmade 630 Skirmish
    Benchmade 710SBK (154CM, Black, Combo Edge)
    Benchmade 806D2 AFCK (Plain Edge)
    Benchmade 551 SBKOD Griptilian
    Benchmade 210 Activator (CF / G-10 / Leather)
    Benchmade BM42 154CM
    Spyderco Manix
    Spyderco Military (Black, Plain Edge)
    Spyderco Pacific Salt (SpyderEdge)
    Spyderco Native II S30V (Plain Edge)
    Victorinox Soldier
    Victorinox Super Tinker
    Victorinox Recruit
    Victorinox Classic
    Kershaw Nakamura 1480
    Kershaw Leek 1660ST
    Kershaw Vapor 1640
    Kershaw Spec Bump 1596 (S30V)
    KA-BAR TDI (Plain Edge)
    KA-BAR USMC (Plain Edge)
    KA-BAR Warthog
    Busse Mean Street
    Busse Meaner Street
    Queen D2 Stag Bone Toothpick
    Queen D2 Cocobolo Small Stockman
    John W. Smith Framelock (Blue Cabon Fiber Onlays)
    Strider SMF (Green G-10)
    Emerson Super CQC7 BT
    Masters of Defense ATFK (PE)
    Chris Reeve Large Classic Sebenza
    Mcusta Kasumi
    William Henry Titan Westcliff B07-FT
    Al Mar SERE 2000
    Leatherman Charge Ti
    Becker Necker BK11
    Ontario RAT-3 D2
    CRKT M16-13Z
    Boker AK74 Auto
    Jaguar Classic Balisong
    Gerber Bolt
    Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops Karambit
    Cold Steel Urban Pal
    Opinel No. 6
    K.J. Eriksson Mora #1
    John Ek COmmando Knife #2 Dagger
    Bob Dozier Model 6 (Burgundy Micarta)

    Gotta have pics.

    Here is my junker drawer. Knives I bought before I learned about good knives.


    Here is my middle drawer. Decent stuff.



    Here is my top drawer. My higher-end stuff.



    Here is a group pic of my large tactical folders (taken before I got my John W. Smith).


    Here is my John W. Smith.


    Here is my Dozier Model 6


    And here is the first knife I made (and currently the only).


    New Stuff (A Busse Meaner Street, a Busse Mean Street, and a John Ek Commando Knife #2 dagger):


    My favorites are my Sebenza, Strider SMF, John W. Smith, Buck Mayo TNT, and Dozier Model 6.

    The next knives I want are:

    Microtech Makora OTF D/A
    Protech Godfather (Tuxedo)
    Tom Mayo TNT
    Bob Dozier K-6 Companion (Flat Ground / White Micarta)
    Chris Reeve Mnandi
    A good karambit (maybe an Emerson folder, or a custom fixed blade).
  5. Vivi

    Vivi Banned BANNED

    Dec 4, 2005
    Buck 110
    Spyderco Dragonfly
    Spyderco Manix
    Opinel No8
    Opinel No8 Gardening Model
    Victorinox Classic (5 or so)
    Victorinox Rambler
    Victorinox Escort
    Victorinox Bantam
    Victorinox Nylon Solo
    Wenger Handmyan x2
    Colt C17 Skinner
    Frosts Mora 760mg
    Ontario SP2 Marine Combat

    SAKs are by far my favorite types of knives. They carry well, they're hardly ever an issue with cops or sheeple, they have thin flatground blades which is my favorite type of blade geometry and the tools extend their scope of use far past a typical folding pocket knife.

    The 110 and Manix are my larger folders. Both are excellent knives. I like the blade on the Manix better and the ergos are amazing, but overall the 110 just has a great, classic feel with plenty of heft to compare with the Manix.

    Opinels are another of my favorite knives. I'd like to get more to customize. I really like the feel of the wooden handles and their blades are similar to SAKs, which is to my liking.

    The fixed blades don't see much action. The Mora comes with me when I go to the woods sometimes, but usually I do fine with a SAK or Opinel. The Ontario prettymuch got regulated to sharpening experiments. It's bigger than anything I ever need to carry and pretty damn tactical looking to boot, bad combination. The Colt, for a knife that'd be looked down upon here is a pleasure to use. It's got wonderful ergonomics and nice wood handles, but the blade is a bit thicker than it should be. The jimping on the spine is so pronounced that it can double as a saw. Sounds like it should tear up the thumb, but it's not uncomfotable surprisingly. Takes a keen edge and the 440 holds up fine. Not bad for 30$ at normal price, though I got it discounted 25%.
  6. T.K.C.


    May 7, 2005
    I have: A Hinderer XM-18, a Firetac, Tom Krein TK-2, a large regular Sebenza, a small classic Sebenza, a Bocote wood Mnandi, a blue circles Umfaan, a Patrick Nihiser "little teaser", a Combat Elite RRF, a Peter Atwood Solar Arc, several Spyderco knives, 2 SAK's, 1 Al Mar, 3 TOPS kives; a Wolf Pup, a Street Scalpel, and a CQT Magnum. I have several fixed blades as well: Ranger Knives; RD 6 & RD 4, and a couple of Bark River Knives. I also have a John Greco boot knife.
  7. Daniel Dorn

    Daniel Dorn Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 21, 1999
    Here's mine, if I can remember correctly:

    Benchmade: 730CFHS, 42, Benchmite II
    Microtech: LCC D/A, Scarab Executive
    Spyderco: Kiwi bone, Mini Ti Police necklace
    A. G. Russell: Ti/Burlwood Gents folder, Damascus/burlwood lockback, Ultimate Pen knife (no bail), UPK with Black Pearl handle, Woodswalker
    Case: 3 blade stockman yellow, small bone pen (30 years old), large yellow 2-blade Trapper
    Camillus: Cuda Maxx 5.5 bowie, Dominator, Electricians knife, "USMC" scout knife
    Kershaw: Bump blue, G-10 and S30V Leek, Chive
    Atwood: Mini-Prybaby
    Shrade/Old Timer: 100th anniversary stockman sawcut delrin
    Cold Steel: Twistmaster Tanto Carbon V
    Protech: Runt blue, Stinger w/pearl button
    Bear MGC: Damascus Tanto Butterfly
    Victorinox: SwissTool, Classic
    River Rat, aka Larry Ramey: Titanium drop point fixed blade
    Puma: Keramik folder
    Unknown: Titanium credit card knife anodized
    Le Thiers par Chambriard: Stag folder Laguiole-style
    Paul Chen: Citizen knife
    Buck: 110 Cabela's Alaskan Guide version w/ S30V
    Beretta: Drop point w/ Zytel handle and brass 'cartridge' lockback
    POS PRC: ~10 or so that never see the light of day including LCC D/A clone, 2 cheap balis, others not worth mentioning...
    "Hand made": un-named maker from ebay for $50

    Still need to get a custom. Not a decent-sized fix blade in the bunch, yet. Would love to find a William Henry with ZDP-189, and a few more Microtechs, plus a few Benchmades and Spydercos.


    Just updated after more than a year. Added 5 knives, taken away 3.
  8. darkestthicket


    Nov 30, 2002
    Center pieces?
    M.Strider custom Nightmare tanto with gunner grips.
    Strider MT
    Tops Tracker
    Sog Scuba/Demo
    Microtech Halo II (sterile stonewashed)

    These are my favorite that I own.
  9. barrabas74


    Jul 27, 2005
    Ok Here goes.
    I am at work so my list is going to probably be missing some but this is what I can remember.

    *BM 3550,BM 5000,BM 905,BM 910,BM 180,BM 670,Bm 942(black just bought wahoo)
    *Becker Necker
    *Busse FSH,Busse SJ,Busse SFNO
    *Buck 110(multiples), 112, 119, Mini-buck, several slipjoints, Alpha, Alpha folder, Alpha in wood, Sirus
    *Browning limited edition folders
    *Barminski hunter, Sawblade bowie, large fixed blade
    *Custom Bowen hunter
    *Camillus 2 blade Trapper yellow,Camillus Grandpa,Camillus (forget but clip point folder),Camillus Red stockman
    *CRK signed(engraved and numbered) Nkonka,CRK large sebbie(BG42), Large wood, Small regular
    *CRKT diff versions of the M-16, Lake Folder, Corkum, crawford fixed blade and folder.
    *CS Recon 1, LTC Kukri, Spike, Master Hunter, Recon, Machete,(few more I cant remember)
    *DDR Gunhammer
    *Derr damascus and walrus jawbone fixed blade.
    *Dozier toothpick and K2
    *EK(Richmond), Stag handled M-5, Desert Storm M-6, Vietnam Classic commando, M-6, M-5 (dont remember all the models)
    *EK(Effingham) Black cord wrapped bowie , Oak Handle G5
    *Fallkniven ODIN
    *Mike Franklin neck knife
    *Gerber Gator, and a few of the older folders, and a MKI, MKII
    *Gossman Hunter
    *Grainsford bruks Huntsman, Small Forest axe
    *Hanwei, Golden Oriole, Pratcial Katana, Scottish Basket Hilt Claymore
    *Kabar several older style and new
    *Kershaw Splinters, quince wood, aluminum handled, Military boot knife, leek(s), Scallions, Chives,Indian Ford, Squaw Creek, Blur, Kaper, Majesty, mini-mojo, storm,
    *Knives of Alaska Jeger, Bear Cup, Camp knife
    *Kreger knives....my uncle has made many knives I have 5 by him
    *Leatherman Charge XLT, Juice
    *Lone Wolf T2
    *Nieto knives by him
    *Nowiki hawkbill with merc harness
    *Mathew Roberts Custom Bowie(hamon and high polish)
    *Queen cant remember model names
    *Protech TR3, Godson
    *Randall 1,12, 25, (compliments of grandfather)
    *RAT 3, 7, TAK
    *Shun Kitchen knives(classic set)
    *SRKW Bandicoot
    *Sog S1, Seal pup, Tigershark,
    *Smith and Wesson a tanto G10 model and a few of the cheaper models.
    *Spyderco military pe tritium incerts, paramilitary PE, SS Endura PE PS SE, Endura PE SE PS(I like endura's), Native, spyderfly
    *Strider eb, mfs
    *William Henry T-12, T-10, Chesapeake knife and tool limited run folder (cant remember #s for the others)
    *SAK soldier, Huntsman, Huntsman light, Spartan light, Tinker(2 colors), Delux Tinker, Swiss Tool, Spirit multitool, Ranger, classics(multiple colors), Forester, Trekker, Huntercamper, Swiss champ XLT, electrician, climber(2colors), explorer(2 colors), I am missing some but oh well.

    I know I am leavin a bunch out especially some customs I just cant remember, didnt list the knives I made(they dont count). I have a buch of swords but some of them are display and one of them is a work in progress japanese Katana. I have a bunch of knives from the latenight TV show for the heck of it. Its amazing how many you have when you start countin drawers and whats in your car or gun cabinet.....and I have a small collection.
  10. yermom


    Aug 9, 2004
    Large Classic Sebenza
    Spyderco Native,Ladybug
    Victornox Swisschamp, Midnite Manager, Recruit, Spartan
    Leatherman Charge Ti, original Wave
    Camillus Pilot Survival Knife
    Buck Vanguard
    Gerber Gator,Ez Out Junior, Vector, Ultralight LST (i know, i know they aren't even made with ATS34 or anything)
  11. Kaizen1

    Kaizen1 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 4, 2006
    Just started on mine:
    Camillus Heat
    Leatherman Wave
    Spyderco Pacific Salt w/ Wave and modified point
    Benchmade Griptilian 551
  12. moonwilson


    Aug 10, 2006
    I'm at work so I don't have model numbers but from memory:

    10 or 11 Benchmades (I prefer the big Axis locks) fixed and folding
    1 Hideaway Straight
    20+ Cold Steel fixed & folding
    8 or 9 Spydercos
    around 10 CRKT
    2 Byrds
    4 KaBars (2 old school, 2 of the great new big ones)
    2 SOG
    4 Bucks
    2 Strider Bucks
    3 Teknas
    2 Case
    3 Colts
    2 authentic Japanese pre WWII Katanas (war trophies from my grandpop)
    Gil Hibben throwers
    Assorted junkers and snoozers.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot. My favorites by far are the Benchmades and the Strider Bucks. I just got my Hideaway and I love it. I really want a some real Stiders, Emersons, MODs and Microtechs- Extrema Ratio and TOPS too. There are several custom makers out there that I really want stuff from but I just don't have the money. I'm hopelessly addicted to Cold Steel everything and refuse to go to their website any more.

    Basically I'm a huge dork.
  13. matthew krissak

    matthew krissak Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 11, 2005
    Spyderco Manix
    BM Mini Grip
    Buck 119
    Fallkniven F1
    Ron Post-drop point skinner
    Leatherman Wave
    Columbia rock knife
    Vic Camper
    Vic Waiter
    Wenger Golf Pro
    Wenger Teton
    Opinel fillet knife
    Spyderco Delica Wave
    Spyderco Fred Perrin Bowie
  14. Chuck289


    Mar 23, 2006
    My collection is pretty young, but it's growing and I dont know how big it will get.

    Kershaw Storm
    CRKT M16-13Z
    '98 Victorinox Soldier
    Victorinox Hunstman, Spartan, and Camper
    Benchmade 960 Red
  15. Django606


    Jul 22, 2005
    I'm assuming the Benchmade is your newest? Yes, it will get much, much bigger :D
  16. Chuck289


    Mar 23, 2006
    Yep. It's so new it's not even here yet, It should arrive in a few days. Cant WAit! :D
  17. razorsdescent


    Jan 16, 2005
    Not all but off of the top of my head.

    Everything that is listed has never been used. (unless noted)

    My knives fluxuate. lol

    Strider- MSC SLCC

    Emerson- Karmbit (EDC'ed), Super7

    CRK- Custom unique graphic large sebenza iwth MOP inlay and sharkstooth damascus. Neil roberts warrior.

    Busse - 2 Hell razors both black with black canvas micarta scales. one with mag handles one with regular handles.

    Coldsteal - SRK

    Microtech- old ultratech one of tghe ones with the clip screwed onto the side not the top.

    Dalton - hell razor, Tank black with Red micarta, 2 Tiger 2's one proto

    Kershaw- Tactical blur one of the older models with out the gay humpy serrations, 1 chive

    Nemesis knives - Arch ally (edc'ed)

    Benchmade- 2 42 bali's 1 with serrations (edc'ed) and one without

    A few SAk's

    Some things i wont remember till after ive posted.
  18. Vivi

    Vivi Banned BANNED

    Dec 4, 2005
    Barabas, could you post some detailed photos of the Vic Electricians small blade?
  19. Followthehollow


    Apr 7, 2006
    Pretty modest but

    Benchmade 943
    Benchmade 705
    Benchmade 156 CSK
    Kershaw D2 Outcast
    Spyderco Delica 4
    Spyderco Endura 4
    SOG Flash Tanto

    Next buy is a Benchmade Infidel as soon as they become readily available
  20. barrabas74


    Jul 27, 2005
    vivi my dig cam aint workin very good but if you have an email address to give me as soon as I can figure out whats wrong with it or my camera I can send you a pic or post it here. Would that be ok? are you talkin about the electricians blade? Sorry pics arent good, still aint good with the camera

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