What knives do you own and WHY ??


Jan 2, 1999

I would like to start a thread about which knives each one of us has and what made him buy/like each knife. I will start with myself:

1. Spyderco Howard Viele: IMHO the best looking and unique designed spyderco.

2. BM AFCK 800SBT: A great dual role folder - both utility & self-defence, plus I loved the black blade appearance and corrosion resistance.

3. BM balisong 44S: It is now a discontinued piece, one of the best built balisong and the only BM balisong with a tanto G-2 blade.

4. Spyderco Civilian: A must have for collectors, a unique blade shape and with the new ATS-55 simply irresistable.

5. Cold Steel Master Tanto: An amazing FB, very solid and well built. still quite usable with its 6" san-mai III blade.

6. CS Vietnam Tomahawk: Not really a knife but a special piece, I like the fact that it is a true vietname era design brought back to life by Lynn Thompson and manufactured with high quality.

7. CS Safe Keeper II: One of only few high quality push-daggers manufactured.

8. BM Mel Pardue 3500S Auto: A very cute little auto knife with the unique safety switch - I hate the bead-blasted BM blades and seeing a satin polished one made me buy this as my first (and only) auto.

9. BM Mel Pardue 850: A masterpiece, it is truely a gentelman's folder built almost to a custom maker level - one of my favorite overall BMs. I just wish I could lay my hands on one of the rec.knives forum specialy made 850 with MOP scales :-(

10. Spyderco Military: The first and only production folder to offer CPM-T440V blade. I had the original version (ATS-34, rusted handle screws and a spelling mistake on the pocket-clip ?!) hated it and I almost reached a decision never to buy again an american made Spyderco. After seeing the improved version I got convinced that Sal has learned the lesson and took it seriously.

11. BM Stryker 910: A very sexy looking tactical tanto blade with interesting geometry and aggressive look.

12. BM Sentinel 875S: A tactical versin of the 850 - excellent Elishewitz design and one of the easiest openners.

13. Spyderco Bill Moran: One of the most underrated knives I know of. It is a one of a kind design, serial numbered and the finish on the blade must be seen to be believed.

14. Bud Nealy Pesh-Kabz ATS-34 5": I always wanted to own a Bud Nealy, liked the MCS sheath system and although initially I went for the tanto shaped Aikuchi, I later replaced it with the Pesh-Kabz with is a more interesting design.

15. Spyderco Bob Lum PRODUCTION PROTOTYPE: Have it for more than a year (and it still not out there in stores yet - kinda slow) Paid a lot for it just to own a real Prototype once and for all - besides the design and materials are first rate.

16. Emerson Commander - black coated: A very massive feeling folder, like the blade shape and the patented wave feature.

17. Ontario-Bagwell Hell's Belle: One of the first produced pieces. Always wanted to own a Bagwell but 2 years waiting period and $850 wouldn't allow me to fullfil this dream - now I can for MSRP of $220 for an EXACT replica.

18. SOG SEAL 2000: I don't really know what made me buy this piece, I guess that it is probably one of the better production stainless diving FB around (besides Mad-Dogs).

19. CS Torpedo: neat idea.

20. CS CAT (zytel tanto): neat idea, got it free.

21. Spyderco Old Centofante: Ugly folder, got it free.

22. Spyderco Pro-Culinaire kitchen knife: got it free.

23. BM Pat Crawford Leopard black: I bought it just because I really like the handle design and I heard that these are going to be discontinued.

24. BM Emerson designed 970ST: A very rare blade material and specialy built piece for the army bomb desposal units. I predicat a high collectors value for this one.

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I have three category of knives.

Folder/Defense (close to 4" legal limit)- in descending order of perference and day to day carry: Crawford KFF, BM Pinnacle, AFCK, Sentinel, Stryker, Gerber Covert. (When I get the Rekat Carnivore, I suspect it'll compete for day to day carry status.)

Folder utility and most used (all around the 3" length): Native (has "backup" potential), Viele, Mirage, Ascent, three Victorinox

Fixed Blade for defense (placed next to my bed)/camping - SOG Seal Pup; Greco Companion. (I am tempted by the Moran, but.. I can't see carrying it and it's too short for at home protection.)

Don't want to get into every knife I have, but my favorites (in no particular order) are:

1.) Chris Reeve Sebenza. I have the large and small. I love the simple design, the unbeatable lock, the smooth action, and the fat BG-42 blade.
2.) Chris Reeve Mountaineer II, Shadow IV, and Ubejane. Beautiful fixed blades. I love the A2 steel coated in Kalgard, the one-piece construction, and the cool hollow handles.
3.) MicroTech SOCOM D/A & M/A. One of the best tactical folders ever made. Things which stand out: the large thumb studs which double as blade stops, the aircraft aluminum handle with rubberized inserts that tapers at the bottom and swells into a guard at the top, the durable hi-riding titanium clip, the just under 4" 154-CM clip point blade, and the great overall quality (smooth action, solid lockup, well-executed high hollow grind).
4.) Boye Basics III. A superb little knife. One-piece construction using Boye's 440C dendritic steel with a simple, useful design. It looks just like a mini chef's knife.
5.) Boker Superliner Limited Edition. Wasn't crazy about the look of the regular Superliner, but the Limited Edition with its cool drilled-out titanium handle finally caught my fancy. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually got around to using it. This is a very well-made little knife.
6.) Spyderco Dragonfly. I have a couple of Spydercos, but this one is still my all-time favorite. It's The Little Knife That Could. Makes a great gift.
7.) MicroTech HALO. The original OTF automatic and still the best in the business. Pain in the ass to clean, but other than that, the perfect automatic.
8.) REKAT Pocket Hobbit. I love the break-away belt sheath, the aggressive blade, the fat handle designed for reverse grip, and the hell-for-strong lock.
9.) Al Polkowski CQ Fighter. A true fighting knife. Just long enough to be useful, yet still concealable. Real quick to the hand. It's even nice to look at.
10.) Cold Steel Safe Keeper I. A T-handle with a great Kydex sheath. I'm not crazy about the Kraton, but overall, pretty good quality at a great price.


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Boy. I haven't gotten the really exotic, expensive pieces yet. But I guess I'll some of my knives by factory. From Benchmade: Panther, AFCK, Pardue 350BT, Ascent 830s. Spyderco: Delica (original and '98), Calypso BM, ProGrip, Jess Horn Ltwt., Dragonfly, Endura 50/50, Ladybug. Cold Steel: Large Voyagers in Tanto and Clip; Medium Voyagers in same. Kershaw: mid-sized Liner Action, Silver Spur. Sog: Microdot. Victorinox: Tinker, Soldier, Cowboy, Classic, Spartan. Buck: 110, 314 Trapper, Minibuck, most all 300 series. Case: Pocketworn Canoe, Peanut, Trapper, Stockman, Stainless Lockback. CRKT: Mirage. Schrade: Sharpfinger, several traditional slipjoints, OT125. Gerber: LST, EZ-OUT, EZ-OUT Jr. Wenger: Patriot, small pen. Whew! Maybe not the most sophisticated, but they're great knives, and ya gotta start somewhere! Jim
I'll just describe the ones that are special to me.

1)Sawby custom blade-lock - Beautifully put together, plus a unique locking mechanism.
2)Emerson Commander - Big and solid, plus
a unique opening mechanism.
3)Vallotton Chameleon - A unique opening mechanism, smooth as silk operation make up
for the plastic handles.
4) MT Halo II - Another unique opener, just so cool looking.
5) MT Nemesis - The Brend blade is gorgeous,
plus it has a unique opening and locking mechanism.

I think there's some pattern to this.

6) MT Mini socom - The perfect office size
knife for me, plus it's a Microtech that I'm
not afraid to use.
7) RJ Martin Mini-Kozuka, a fixed blade pocketknife. Sharpest knife I've ever had and
the sheeple like it.
8) Italian Stilletoes, I just like the looks.

I have a drawer filled with many lesser items
that I won't mention.
For a knife to appeal to me, it really needs to be unique in some way.

Finally, someone else who actually has a CS Vietnam Tomahawk. In addition to my other "weapons" I've got 2 of them! One to keep new and one to beat the s**t out of!! I sharpened one of them to a razor (put on a "real" edge angle and then polished the edges, including the spike, to a mirror finish!). It took forever to regrind the edge on it -- this is one tough piece of steel. These weapons are just plain awesome!