What Length Blade Is Legal?

Jan 18, 2001
Is it 3" and under is legal to carry "concealed"? Someone define "concealed" for me. Does concealed mean, completely hidden, or even partially hidden? If I have a 3.4" blade folder, in my pocket, and the top, say, 1/4 is sticking out.... is that considered concealed? Thanks.

Depends entirely on where you be. Look in the law section and do a search for your state/country.
There is no simple way to answer your question without knowing Where you are. In most states, folders with blades under 3 inches are considered 'common pocketknives' and can be carrier completely concealed deep in a pocket. Many states allow folders with blade lengths up to 4 inches concealed (not visible). Some states consider that if the top of a pocket clipped knife is visible (even 1/4 inch) it is not concealed. Other places say it is. Knife Law is very confusing.

In california, ANY length blade is Ok to carry concealed as long as it is carried in the folded position. That means mega folders like the Rekat SIFU and the Cold Steel Vaquero Grande are legal concealed.

In some places, it may be illegal to carry a particular knife even if it is displayed openly. Check out the knife law forum here: Knife Law forum.

I am going to move a copy of your thread there.