What makes a good fighting khukuri?

Tsimi must think the YCS is a good fighting khukuri.

How do you like the one by Durba?



Indin word for lousy hunter.
I thought the Gelbu Special is a replica of the Udhaipur. Which is it guys?
kamagong - you are correct. Both the GS and the Udhaipur have a full length fuller, while the bhudhini has no fuller.

I have a khukuri that I believe is a bhudhini style villager. As I recall it is 22". It's at home now so I don't have the exact specs. It is a good heavy-duty chopper. It would also work well for beheading livestock.

There are no standard specs for khukuris. The kami's could make one larger or smaller I susupect.
You done good Hoss! Dura does make a heavy blade but it's all relative to the individual! I do not find it unweldly ,or too heavy.Played with it from positions you wouldn't believe, to test the flow,"I like it"!!Want one by another kami to test how "IT" handles. Surprised that I want another one??Called Bill told him "NOT" to expect getting this one back!Bottom metal tip of sheath eas damaged in shipping,but who cares, that's pure cosmetics!
Is that true? Do you have a Bhudhini style
Khukuri? If so, please share some specs. and
how you feel about it. Is it TOO heavy to
fight with? Does it flow well anyway?
An old story about Elmer Keith, was that he was out with a friend and stepped on a rattlesnake. He levitated, and took off running, stopping to see his friend laughing to bust a gut.

The friend pointed out the gun in Elmer's hand, ( how did that get there? ) and stated that he never seen anything the like of it. He said when Elmer had jumped, he done fired one shot on the way up, one at the snake while at the top of the jump, and one on the way down.

That's how I feel about the 12" sirupati. It would take care of the problem while my mind was still in neutral. I don't understand it, but I know it's got the spirit of a fighter.
I have a village model Budhuni. While it could be used as a weapon it seems to be better suited for use as a tool. I don't know if you can generalize based on one example.

Of the kukhuris that I own, the two that seem best suited for use as a weapon are my 16" WWII, and 20" Sirupati. I have no martial arts expertise, take all the above with a grain of salt.
Hi Bill, I'm still here. Mostly lurking but I post when I feel I can make a contribution to the discussion. This is still the first place I check every day.
My 16.5" WW II seems about perfect to me- light enough to move, heavy enough to impact powerfully, but I think I "need" a GS and the Udhaipur, and perhaps a chiruwa (sp?)...

I did handle a 20" sirupati, think it was, but it didn't feel right to me.
Amazing how things come together. When I first unsheathed my Malla, I posted that it screamed WEAPON to me. For my hand size, arm strength, reach etc., etc., All of the factors mentioned in the above posts. Now I know why.
kamagong's question is too broad for a short answer. It depends on khukuri of the people, by the people, for the people....

For me, I'd take a heavier, longer khukuri for opponent with more mustle, and less brain. My 21" AK, largest I own, is best for a wild animal if it happenes I must prepare, as it enables me a "long shot" in reach and survival possibility.