What makes MT Vector much more expensive than MT Kestrel ?

Sep 12, 2000
It looks quite similar to me.

There is alot more work in the Vector blade grind than Kestrel blade. The Vector is much more detailed.
I'm curious about this too. As far as I know they have the same handle, same lock, and the same steel, so the only difference is the blade shape. Doesn't seem like enough of a difference to justify a $100 or so price difference.

Of course there must be something to it, because I would buy a Vector for the $240 or so they go for, but not a Kestrel for the $130 or so that they go for.

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I would think that in addition to the additional work that is required on grinding the blade, the higher price is also attributed to R&D, or "artist's fee".
It's like the reason a Monet costs more than a painting by John Doe. Or it can even be compared to computer software, say Adobe Photoshop. I can't see for the life of me how they can justify charging $600 for software but when all the people invoved are paid for their R&D work, it probably all comes out in the wash...

Just my $.02-

By the way... I have one of each (Vector & Kestrel).
Supposedly the Vectors are a limited run, while the Kestrel is standard production.

The Vector has a bunch of wacky grinds that would probably up the tooling costs quite a bit over those required to grind a Kestrel.

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