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What MT colored handle do you like Best!!!

Oct 3, 1998
MT will soon be releasing manual mini socoms in 8 different colors! Never buying a "colored" handle MT before, I was wondering what colors on the L-UDTs are particularily nice looking! I like bright colors! Thanks, Jeff
Splash! Anyone who's talked to me knows that the one thing I want for the holidays is a Splash Socom, Tanto Blade!

I love Splash....

Yeah, so it's not a solid color, ok, you got me.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Dammit! You mean I have to buy another mini-SOCOM?!

=- Craig, whose wallet hates all of you.


Edit: Dang, I forgot to ask: does anyone have a link to some pics of these new colored-handles? I'm anxious to see what they look like!

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