What my Battle Mistress can do!

Jan 19, 1999
I have a fairly large tree in my front yard which was in dire need of trimming for the winter. I decided to forget a chainsaw or pruning blade and use my BM for the job.

The branches I trimmed ranged from 3-4 inch thick to small twigs. I spent 1 1/2 hours wacking away on the tree. The smaller branches fell in one swipe. Sometimes the blade whistled through so easily that I almost lost my balance! The larger branches of course took a few more chops but large chips of wood were flying with every swing. With each swing the blade bit deeply into the wood. I am simply amazed at how the edge held up through this torture test. It shows absolutely no sign of any use. The blade still shaves the same as before I started. The coating shows virtually no signs of scuffing. I would swing the knife into the limb and then torque it a little to help break it out. It really does act like a sharp pry bar. The blade has a very rigid feel to it while working. Even though it would flex slightly when I was really twisting on it.

The handle was comfortable as far as not feeling much vibration. The little "parrot's beak" at the end of the handle did tend to rub my pinkie a little, but it absolutely helped me to lock my grip in on the knife while chopping. After 1 1/2 hours of hard work, it did little more than work a very small callous near the outside of my pinkie near the middle joint. I felt no hand fatigue while using this knife. I would liken the correct way to swing this blade to the same way you should use a hammer - let the tool do the work. When I let my hand and arm relax and just let the blade fall smoothly onto the wood, it felt smooth as butter!

Well, I know that Cliff Stamp and Mike T. are going to be putting the Busse production knives to the test here soon. I am here to tell you that I had more fun using this tool than I can remember with a knife. I have absolute faith that this knife would outlast me before I could use it enough at one clip to dull it or damage it. I literally used it nonstop for 1 1/2 hours and it is still unfazed. I, on the other hand, need a shower and some clean clothes.

I have no doubts that the testing of these blades will substantiate my belief that this INFI steel stuff and Busse's method of manufacture is the future of knife making. I can hardly wait for more people to obtain a Busse knife so that they can see for themselves what us lucky few BM owners already know.

I stand humbly before my Batle Mistress a worn out individual.

Chris Canis
Thanks for the review Chris. As for your pinky and its callous, are your hands that large that it grips the entire handle area or are you simply holding it furthest back for greater leverage? Or is the handle area more suitable for medium size hands? One of the negs (IME) of the original A2 series, minus the Mean Street, were that the handles were simply too large for my medium size hands.

And finally, were the scale materials comfortable and secure enough for your 1.5 hours of use? Any gloves needed or recommended? Surface grippy enough or on the softer side like rubber? Thanks.


For me, I have large hands, the handle fills my hand perfectly. If my hands were smaller, I would probably "choke down" on the handle to increase leverage which would result in the same pinkie callous that I described yesterday. I found the micarta handle with it's grooves provided an absolutely firm grip. The blade knife never rolled in my hand even when I was chopping as hard as I could on the larger limbs. I had no need to wear any gloves at all even as the sweat was rolling! Here it is the next morning and I am experiencing no soreness in my hand from using the knife.

Great knife! I want a Badger Attack next for smaller chores, even though I the choil on the BM allows you to choke up on the blade for more delicate work.

Chris Canis