What new knife are you most interested in?

Feb 3, 2001
I was just wondering what unreleased or newly released folder,fixed blade or multi-tool are you most interested in. Can be production or custom, so long as it's mostly new. I will start this off and say I am interested in the Kershaw Onion Whisper as it is supposed to be a showpiece for Kershaw's production abilities. What new piece are YOU most interested in? Take care!
The new Dalton Waco.


IMO this is a great design for an ambidextrous auto (I know it looks like the axis lock).

Just waiting for a new blade design and reversible clip.

Hopefully there will be a California Legal (under 2 inch blade) model.

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The two knives that I am most interested in right now are the Bushi-Bo fixed blade fighter from Mike Snody(not yet released) and the spear point folder from Strider Knives.

Can't wait to see the Busse folder!
I think Darrel Ralph's going to be making a 4" version of the EDC (and a 4" Mad Max)....
Am most interested in the Polkowski Companion by CRKT. And the BladeLock, to see how good the lock is.

All of my current interests run a bit on the inexpensive side, as I'm just cutting my teeth on this whole knife thing. I'm totally loving the Camillus EDC, and have one on order from 1SKS. It looks like an awesome knife for my everyday usage at work.

My other interest is the Buck Hitchhiker. It's totally gadgety and goofy looking, but what the heck. Somebody has to get suckered into one of these. I saw a picture of the Hitchhiker in the bew Blade magazine, and instantly fell in love. I have a caribeener fetish or something, hanging almost everything I own from "beeners" on my belt. If I could only find somebody that was selling the Hitchhiker.
MT Amphibian has my intrest level up. MADD MAXX really had my intrest up, then I got mine! Now I see what it was that had me.

OwenM, just ordered a 4" MM to go along with big brother. Hope to have it by the Blade Show. Also understand there is a 7" model in the works!

Keith, got yours yet? Intrested to see how the dagger style turns out.

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The Outdoor Edge Cosmos - the collaboration with Ray Appleton. If this one ever makes it to production, one will be mine! If you've never had a chance to handle Ray and Ron's stuff, be sure to drop by their table at the Blade Show. They encourage you to play with all of the magnificent pieces they bring (ranging in price from $5,000 to $15,000!!!)

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Harkins D/A OTF
Madd Maxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
And Darrel's making it hard to resist those Italians....

I'm with Kelly #1 OE/COSMOS
After that comes sevreral of the collaborations with DeltaZ, Darrel Ralph's and Tim Herman.

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Looking forward to the CRK Mnandi and the Busse Nuclear Folder, to name a couple. I like the Mike Snody/Triple Aught Designs Extreme Explorer, too. And of course, those BG42 Carson #4's sure are nice...
I have been wanting to get a REKAT Sifu, and the Bladeforums version seems to be calling my name
( I have to buy some motorcycle parts first

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The two Customs i ordered from Gary Bradburn.


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