What other gadgets to I need?

Jul 11, 2001
Nobody loves gadgets, especially outdoor stuff, more than I do. I was wondering what else that I should get and if anybody had suggestions on gear. I take this stuff very seriously, I buy everything, try it out, and keep what proves itself.

Here is what I have:

GPS-magellan and Etrex
Knives - about 40 too many, Reeve one piece and MT socom are my standard carry pieces
Guns - too many, Bushy dissipator and Glock G-19 are what goes in the Jeep for extended camping trips
Watch - Casio Pathfinder Triple Sensor, Luminox Captains
Flashlight - Sure E-1, Streamlight Scorpion, Mag 2-D
Car - Jeep Wrangler, Ford F-150 4wd
Boots - Danner, Hi-Tec
Camping gear - almost all North Face, Eureka Tent
Multi Tool - Gerber and SOG mini
Lighter - Windmill and Zippo
Light Axe - Estwing
Outerwear - North Face, Helly Hansen
Optics - Simmons small 8X binos,I want a steiner mono
Canoe - Mohawk solo 13
Bike - Old, but faithful, Specialized Hard Rock

Any suggestions or things you would reccomend.

Big Cozy
what about a nice portable shortwave/multiband radio, such as the Sangean 909? Makes for some interesting listening when you are out in the woods. Sounds like you've got pretty much everything else covered (and then some!)
Welcome to BFC, Big Cozy. That's a fairly formidable laundry list of gear you're sporting.:) Of the items you've listed, I think it's probably your bino selection that shows the most room for improvement. The Simmons/Tasco/Bushnell level binos certainly have improved over the years, but there's still a world of difference between these and the top end brands, especially in low light situations, and/or when glassing for extended periods of time.

As for items not mentioned, here are a couple of random ideas:

--High quality load bearing vest. I find the well constructed Harris model, for example, to be a wonderful companion on day hikes or for short jaunts away from the campsite. Be advised, however, that the poorly designed/poorly constructed models, of which there are many, are worse than having nothing at all.

--A water purifier is never a bad piece of gear to have in your load out. Something compact like the Pur Hiker is fairly lightweight and compact, yet can provide a seemingly endless supply of potable water in an extended survival situation. If possible stick with a purifier over a filter.

--Taking your gear fetish to the extreme, what about a nice pair of night vision goggles? Any G2 or G3 unit made by ITT or Litton will be pricey, but will serve you well.
The vest is a good idea I haven't thought about, I will check that out. I have looked into buying a shortwave radio. I nearly bought a Grundig not too long ago, I am not sure why I didn't. Around that time I did buy a good trunk tracking scanner and two CB walkietalkies with weather band on them.

I also need to get a purifier. I usually backpack with a friend that has one. I didn't want to carry the weight or pay for one, but you are right I should have one. That is something I have overlooked, been "car camping" too much, close to water sources.

Believe me, I have thought about the night vision. I bought some of that cheap russian crap several years ago. I want some hands free stuff, goggles. Big dollars. Figured I would trade into some by now, but I haven't yet. I had a crazy a$$ friend that shot some rapids in a kayak at night wearing some high dollar goggles.

Thanks for the suggestions, anything else?

Where are the radios? The computers?
OK, OK... So I have more computers than knives. So what? The knives are catching up fast. But I can't see how any gadgeteer can live without at LEAST a Palm. My IIIxe isn't too bad, although I'll probably upgrade when the next generation comes out, the M500's and Visors just don't attract me. But with the VIIx going for $100 with a wireless service contract... And as soon as I have enough money and a few other things, I'm going for a laptop. Anyone for a data-capable sat phone for online activities from the middle of nowhere?

As for radios... At the very minimum I would expect a CB and a SW receiver. Then get a ham radio license and watch the radios pile up!
what about toilet paper on those primitive camp sites and a first aid kit?.....seriously....feverdoc
Congrats on your gear, you've got a comprehensive list of items there, some of which I also have. Did you say you had a trunk-tracking radio scanner? That would be nice to have, as well as a set of FRS short-range UHF tranceivers, for family and friends- marvelous for outdoor excursions. How about the new digital Elph camera? That would kick ass. As far as water filters go: I hear good things about the PUR scout and the Sweetwater Guardian.

A quality watch would be a good addition, and if you don't already have one, a Photon III LED light would be good to hang on your keychain.

I do need a good quality firstaid kit, I have been carrying an old improvised one for a while. Anyone know where I can get a good very compact one pre-packaged? Toilet paper usually gets improvised, but in every old jacket I have there is at least 10 feet of tp wadded up in it. Something I learned from my dad. Makes good fire starting material as well.

I generally don't carry much electronic with me. It seems to get wet if I am on a trip, and they don't have enough value to add the weight. I don't need a palm computer...yet. I have seen some very impressive things you can do by hooking a GPS to them and using mapping software. I will check that out. I have been afraid in the past of the almost instantly obsolete product. Do you have specific reccomendations?

I have a trunk tracking scanner, it was expensive, but it has been an excellent investment. Anything that isn't worth it to me gets sold off, and this hasn't been. It is primarily for weather, but it is incredibly useful during power outages. For a while I lived in an extremely rural area, by listening to the scanner occasionally, I discovered there were meth labs all around me. I would have never known otherwise. Anytime I see the police around me, I flip it on and know what is going on in seconds. If you live in Tornado country, it is very useful, the police are usually the ones that spot them and call them in.

I have checked into HAM, but never went through the licensing process. Expensive as well. I can catch some cross talk by using the scanner.

Don't have a digital camera yet. Does anyone make one water-proof? I have started just carrying those disposables, I don't cry if they get crushed or lost, and the quality of pics is suprising. I have a million year old Minolta, but never use it.

I will get a water filter.

Jedi: I listed two high quality watches, the casio triple sensor (altimeter, barometer, thermometer, compass) and the Luminox all steel Captain's watch. They are both very high quality, and both can be read at night without pushing buttons. I have a Photon, but the battery went out, I need to upgrade to the Photon III. I also carry a Glow ring on my keys, as well as Sebertech multi tool and a 150lb test carabiner.

OK, so far:

Water filter
Digital Camera
Palm Computer
First aid kit
Short Wave radio

One thing I have learned, quality counts if you are going to use it. I strongly recommend North Face anything, Chris Reeve fixed blades, Glock handguns, and Helly Hansen rain gear. I have done terrible things to these products and they have not let me down ever. I might add that I have had incredible performance from Cold Steel SRK and Trailmaster. These are pretty tough blades.

Thanks guys, anything else?