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Oct 2, 1998
I just read something very disturbing on KnifeForums.com, coming from one of the Moderators of their sister site:

I'm not calling for censorship of any sort.

I just think that Don's problems with these forums are being taken advantage of by some people,who you and I know.They have alterior motives,and fan the flames here whenever they can.

I think we can clean up this Mess. We just don't need agitators who obviously don't have the best interests of Earl Stewart,Kevin Mclung or Knifeforums at heart.

I personally can't believe I read this.

Forget people taking responsiblity for their own actions.

Apparently, there is some vast conspiracy going on that I have no knowledge of, where Mike and myself are co-instigators. We have "alterior" (or ulterior?) motives and are fanning the flames?

Sorry, that doesn't jibe with the facts. We have had one thread here concerning this matter, and it can be found right here:


Go there, read for yourself the "flame fanning" and compare it to what was I just read on the other forums:


Both Mike and I have gone out of our way to try to minimize this interforum conflict. We both are serious in our hopes that both forums succeed, because it will serve you, the knife enthusiast in the end.

But I don't like being lied about. And I'm not going to take the blame for someone elses actions. The problems that have been, and still are occurring are noone's fault but their's. So, before you try to shift the blame to us, please look at your own actions:

We have tried to downplay this entire affair. Compare this to several moderators on the other site openly attacking us.

We have openly wished the best to the other site, and have welcomed them to post here at any time. They, in turn, have deleted Mike's profiles over 6 times, deleted ABC-Direct's posts in the For Sale Forums, and have openly flamed and slandered us. I don't know if they have deleted my profile: I live by my word, and when I said I wasn't going to post there anymore, I meant it.

We've linked to their site, and to their business site, to show our good will. They, in turn have taken down their links page to all dealers.

So, here is my public statement about this:


The only people that are fanning flames here are you guys. We could care less about what happens over there, we are more concerned with helping everyone out. This site isn't about us, or a chosen group, it's about knife people.

If you don't like the kind of traffic your site is getting, or the quality of the posts, change whatever you are doing wrong!

Other than that, leave well enough alone, because you reap what you sow.

Spark; remember the old Italian proverb: 'an insult is like a poisoned drink; it can have no effect unless accepted.'

I would like to thank you Spark, for stopping the acronym contest for 'MD' Rich Lucibella would have had much fun at my expense had that been allowed to happen

Seriously, don't get upset about flames from KFC: The Hindenberg flamed quite a lot when it was going down also. To quote the Bard...'it is a tale told by an idiot; full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.'

Best of luck to Blade forums. Walt Welch
"A man who lacks judgment derides his neighbor, but a man of understanding holds his tongue" - Proverbs 11:12

I certainly don't want to fan any flames in HERE, but I think the situation was not handled well by either side. Any issue that arises over there is their own business and they're certainly capable of dealing with it without any commentary from us. Of course it couldn't be helped that Don brought the issue here (and for that, here's some more Proverbs: "Like one who seizes a dog by the ears is a passer-by who meddles in a quarrel not his own"), but it seems to me the moderators here did not pass up on an opportunity to make a few of their own remarks when they could have taken the high ground and left well enough alone. Conspiracy? Ulterior motives? Maybe that's a bit extreme, but I can see Lawrence Keeney's point to a certain extent. Of course, I HAD to open my big mouth again 'cause I HAD to put my $0.02 in and now there's no bigger DOPE around here than me-I can't even follow my own good advice. Let me leave you all with another cool Proverb: "Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue." Too late for me, I guess

On a side note: No question, Solomon was the dopest king that ever lived.


My recommendation (FWIW) is that you let it go.

Let people form their own judgements, and stay out of the fray.

You come across much better when you don't get drawn into an unnecessary and ugly little dogfight.

By the way, I responded to the aforementioned post myself, before I came here and saw your remarks concerning it.

Trust your old bud, and take the high road on this one. I haven't let you down yet.

I don't go over there hardley at all any more. I've seen some good advice in this thread. Let it go. If we ALL continue to tend to our own business here, we'll continue to do just fine. Let the other forum try to deal with their problems by themselves. If they sink or swim, it'll be their own doing. Many people who post here post there also. I think that is great. People can see for themselves the difference between the forums. If we continue to tend to our own business, we will continue to grow and prosper. As soon as we interfere, in any way, with the other forum's business, we weill begin to deteriorate. I don't want to see (as I'm sure you agree) this forum turn into a duplicate of the other one.

I *know* you remember the thread I started way back when to drop the Josh history. The guys above are reiterating the same logic that found so much support in that old thread too. We, all of us, are better than that. Let sleeping dogs lie.

To continue the biblical and canine theme, here is another quote to consider:

"Like a dog that returns to its vomit, is the fool who repeats his folly". Proverbs
Guys, you're right, I shouldn't have been baited by this, I apologize.

The sad fact is that when stuff like this gets said, there are people who, without a dissenting opinion, take it as gospel.

For the most part, Mike and I have done a very good job turning the other cheek in this matter. I draw the line when people openly lie about me and my friends.

But you guys are right for several reasons: This essentially *is* their problem, not ours. How they handle it is their business, but truly, I'd like for us to be left out of it.

So, again, I apologize, and with your approval, I will lock this thread.


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Ditto on all the above "enough already!" comments.

There is a lot of good knife talk going on over here, and there is a lot of good knife talk going on over there. Unless I am overcome by morbid curiosity, I like to skip over the other kind of talk.

Let's talk about knives, not sharp tongues.

I'll defer to the owners and administrators of this forum on whether this should be a continuing thread.


I totally missed the point of contention, and I read both forums. Most of my friends are here, so I frequent this one more often.
Anyway, I'm likely not the only person who is oblivious to the issue.
Accordingly, its a "non-event" and should be dropped.
Keep up the good work. This is a great place to hang out.
Later, Bill
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