What sharpener for tanto blades???

May 10, 1999
I am looking for the best sharpener to sharpen my knives. Almost all are tantos (only one chisel grind) and blades are up to 4". Since the search function is still nonfunctional I am asking you for advice.
Thanks in advance.
I use the sharpmaker for all of my tanto knives. Use the 40? for "V" or "traditional" grinds, and use the horizontal rod holder for you chisel grinds, and match the angle as close as possible. I've gotten great results this way.

All the knives in the world go round and round, round and round, round and round...DAMN, one of them took my wallet !!! :)

I like the Edge Pro better than any other sharpening system I have ever used. I like it because it will put whatever degree edge you want on a blade or you can simply use the existing edge on the blade. It if fast and you can put a working edge on a blade or you can put a mirror edge, you can sharpen any blade as sharp as you want it. It just works great!
I sharpen knives on the side and this unit does the job....I get lots of knives that are so dull that won't cut butter, with the Edge Pro it works on them too, just takes a little longer. With ceramic sticks or stones it can take a while to properly sharpen a very dull knife.
I don't work for Edge Pro or have even met the designer, however, I just think it is great and being a sharpening fanatic I think it is the best out there IMHO!
I recently purchased a Spyderco Sharpmaker and it has put a fine edge on my tantos. Over the weekend, I used my double ground Woo to open a umber of heavy cardboard boxes and dulled the edge a bit. This morning, I used the Sharpmaker to restore the edge to its former sharpness. In using the sharpmaker, I simply draw the entire blade accross the ceramic stones and the tricky leading edge is sharpened along with the rest of the edge.

I like it.

A stone. Any stone that is reasonably flat.

Desert Rat