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What sharpening stones you use in the field?

I use a folding DMT or a ceramic rod, whichever I happen to have handy. At home I use Arkansas stones.

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I bought a pair of Spyderco ceramic sharpeners. They come in a little leather slip case, one is medium and other fine. They are about 1"X8" and have both flat and curved surfaces to allow sharpening serrated edges as well. They have Aluminum Oxide (saphire) imbedded in the ceramic matrix, are 9.22 on the Mohs scale, and cut steel very well. Not being metal, I can take them fishing and do not have to worry about rust. They work great.
I have never had to field sharpen,and have not had good results from free hand sharpening.At home I use the Spyderco 204.I realize though,that its not really practical to bring it in the field or have it in a survival type situation.I do have a DMT compact diamond folding sharpener with one side coarse grit and the other side fine grit which I purchased from The Knife Outlet.I have it in a little benchmade nylon sheath that is zip tied to my kydex sheath which houses my Randall.This way I have the knife and sharpening device all together.Whether or not I could put an edge on free hand is another story

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DMT Diafold, Coarse/Fine. Stores and carries very easily(I use a Mini Mag-light velcro sheath) and it works like a charm.
Like Blades, I like the Spyderco DoubleStuff that provides both medium and fine grit stones in a pocket-size stone.
When I was a kid living in central Texas where sandstone was plentiful I used that. I am thinking about getting a Syderco Doublestuff as I currently use a 204 and like the grit combination and I have no trouble sharpening freehand. Although field sharpening really isn't all that necessary in the days of ATS-34 and BG-42 I think it's a good idea to learn it anyway.

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Another Double Stuff user here.

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I also use a DMT Diafold, Coarse/Fine stone. They are very compact and still large enough to sharpen big blades. Two or three swipes on each side and a DULL knife is like a razor again.


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