What should I pay for this?

Jul 18, 2003
Hello folks,

I have the opportunity to bid on this anvil at a local auction and I thought I'd ask here what you think it's worth going up to on it?


I don't know much about brands and such and I can see it's been used so I thought I'd ask some experts.

Looks like a beat up vulcan to me. Cast iron with a very thin top plate. Some people like them, I'd pass.

In that condition, the anvil is a yard decoration. I would not buy it for use. I would offer $50 max for it as a decorative item.
Thanks for the replies!

I'll let you all know what it goes for since it's nearly $50 now...
While vulcans are lower quality anvils, their earlier runs weren't that bad... That one looks like it's been through hell and back... I'd drop $75 max, only if I were in dire need... The vulcan anvil itself performs well if it's intact. They just didn't put enough meat into that top plate so an abusive user can ruin one fast.

Fishers are the ticket when it comes to the cast iron anvils with tool steel tops...