what steel are SAK blades made from

All Victorinox knives are high carbon, stainless, first grade, A-quality stainless steel, x 50 CrMo. They are tempered to a 55-56 HRC hardness for optimum edge retention. (source: www.swissarmy.com).

Read the FAQ for more info. :)
"with 0.52% carbon, 15% chrome, 0.5% molydenum, 0.45% manganese and
0.6% silicium. After a sophisticated hardening process of 1040° and an
annealing temperature of 160° blades achieve a hardness of RC 56."
Andy_L said:
I was told it had Vanadium in it which would make it 425 modified
I rember reading something a while back that said Vic. was using something very much like 425mod.