What the heck is it?

Oct 3, 1998
I stoped in a sporting goods store today and bought a Buck Odyssey 1. The guy there didn't know anything about it he said it just came with a order for some other Buck knifes. The blade is marked ATS34 and it looks like a Spyderco. Can anyone tell me anything about this knife?



I have been playing with one for a few weeks. I really like it and it is a good direction for Buck. Kind of reminds me of the Gerber EZ-Out more than a Spyderco. Maybe Dexter can do a review on it. The great thing is the price! Seems like a great knife for the money. No complaint here. The Odyssey 2 has G-10 handels.

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Mike Turber

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They call it thermoplastic. So not Zytel. Zytel is glass impregnated.

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Mike Turber
These suckers are good, of modest size, and functional...and ain't too cheap *and* look fairly cool.

Too small for my tastes, but would seem to be close to the ultimate "gift to get somebody into it" item. Whatever else you think of Buck, they've done a *lot* for our industry including financial support for the knife law reform efforts in California, resulting in our knife laws being *better* than that of at least half the CCW shall-issue states!