What the hell does this mean?

Feb 3, 2001
I've been gettin' a lot of emails that are just junkmail, I try to filter out certain words but it's darn near impossible to come up with a current list that works

I keep finding nonsense words usually in a white colored font that doesn't show unless I highlight it, here's an example.

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What do they call it?


Musical Director
Mar 22, 1999
Many years ago, the EPA in all of its wisdom came out with standards for automobile exhaust limiting the concentration of certain gases. The problem is that they limited not the absolute amount but the concentration. An inventive engineer at GM then invented the "air pump." This little device simply pumped outside air into the exhaust system thus increasing the overall exhaust gas volume and decreasing the concentration of offending gasses. It diluted the exhausted with clean air. Of course, it also increased the exhaust system back pressure which decreased engine performance. But, the air pump was driven off the fan belt system by a separate belt which often broke (or at least that's what all the owners whose cars were missing that belt said... nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Usually, this spew of nonsense words is an attempt to trick intelligent spam filters. These filters pick up on the concentration of certain words such as "Viagra." So, the spammers us a "word pump" that simply adds random words to the message in order to decrease the concentration of offensive words. They dilute the message with neutral words.

Lately, though, I have noticed an uptick in unexplainable spam which consists just of the dilution text. There's no sales pitch, no website that they're trying to attract you to. All I can think of is that they're trying out e-mail addresses. If an address bounces, then they remove it from their list.

But why bother with such long text?

I don't know.
Nov 25, 1998
Chuck, the air pump was needed to supply oxygen to the early catalytic converters, that is why it was added. As I understand it, they have been able to accomplish proper combustion in the converter without the addition of the air pump, but it took a lot of development. And, yes, it did hurt performance and was easily removed or deactivated, but that is why we have pollution control testing of cars in many areas, the DC metro area included.