What to buy? Need some suggestions.

Dec 8, 1998
Can anyone give me their personal opinions on which of the following knives to buy?
Black USMC Ka-Bar
Cold Steel SRK
Cold Steel Recon Tanto

Any observations on performance, quality, etc.?
Any other suggestions to knives of similar type and cost range?

Thanks for any help.

I would go with the srk,I gave my dad one as a christmas present about 4 years ago and it has seen very hard use/abuse,(my old man could break an anvil with a rubber mallet)and has held up very well.I have the recon tanto and after comparing the two knives I like the srk better.The kabar is a good knife too,but I like the handle on the srk better.just my .02 worth.all are good knives for the money and would serve you very well.
If you want a sharpen'ed prybar, the Cold Steel SRK is not a bad choice. I like something that cuts better for normal knife use.

Check my post on the other forum with regards to this subject.

My vote is for the Ka-Bar. I own one and am very happy with it. It's not the highest quality knife but, it is very strong. It's definitely for go and not for show.


The SRK would be a great choice. It is a good all-purpose blade and durable. The steel is also easy to sharpen, but I have not been too happy with how long it holds that edge.

The new Kabars are also worthy of attention. They are of very durable construction, but I don't think that their edges are as well suited for general cutting tasks. They are built like a bulldozer and are great tools, but not as good of cutters as the SRK.

I would go with the SRK or the Master Hunter in the price range that you are looking at. If your wallet can possibly get to a higher level, look at the Mad Dog Arizona Hunter- you will really like it

Chioce would have to be based on your intended uses, but I would lean toward a CS MASTER HUNTER in Carbon V, in that price range and relative size. But tell us what you want the knife to do.....

Will Fennell
I own all three and in order of preference is SRK, CS TANTO, then K-Bar. Cold steels Carbon V is one of my favorite steels, it holds an edge so long it's rediculous and the cold steel knives always come RAZOR SHARP.
I second Will's suggestion re: the CS Master Hunter in Carbon V.

If you are looking for something larger, take a look at the Bush Ranger.

Both knives have great geometry, excellent edge retention (in Carbon V), and are very reasonably priced.

Happy Holidays!

Clay Fleischer

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