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What to buy? Suggestions?

Dec 8, 1998
Can anyone give me their personal opinions on which of the following knives to buy?
Black USMC Ka-Bar
Cold Steel SRK
Cold Steel Recon Tanto

Any observations on performance, quality, etc.?
Any other suggestions to knives of similar type and cost range?

Thanks for any help.
I like the next generation Kabar. They really took that turd of a knife, the old Kabar, and refined the design a little to catch up with modern needs (like dropping the quillions and just having one finger guard, which is all you need, and makes the knife much more versatile and comfortable).

My personal favorite in that realm is the Bush Master by Cold Steel. That is one great knife, and it feels *really* good in the hand. When I buy one though, I will have to clip off that top guard, that is the only major flaw in the design.

What do you want to do with it?

For a general handy every day knife, don't over look the Cold Steel Master Hunter, especially if one turns up on the for sale board looking for a new owner.

Another favorite of mine is the Black Jack 1-7 which can be found at gun shows in new/near new condition for ~$65. Traditional Randall profile with a 7 inch blade. Wish they were still in business, only discovered them after they went out of business.