What to buy???!!!

Oct 5, 1998
Ok, the holidays are almost here and I have a dilema to solve:


1 Knife

It have to be custom made or Microtech...

I have my eyes set betwen a Kasper & a Nemesis (due to a deal with Reese, I can get a Nemesis for $400)

I know that they are two differents knives for I want your opinions and comments!


Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer

Sounds like the choice is between a usable knife and a collecters piece. Or are they both going into a collection?? I think I'd lean towards the Nemesis.
Good luck choosing!

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$400-450, Hmmmmmm,...have to get a Terzoula ATCF. Bob T is the Father of tactical folders, and If your gonna have one custom piece[or maybe the start of a collection], you ought to have the 'original'. His quality and service is great, and he is a real character to get to know. Go to the link section and check out his web page, or call him for a catalog,..you won't be sorry.

Will Fennell/EDI Knives
A Black Cloud Fighting Bowie might be just the ticket. Awesome piece for the money and a custom FIXED blade.

If you choose something else, let me know. I'll happily take the Nemesis for $400!


I think that I'm going to lean towards the Nemesis

About the price of the Nemesis, is a personal favor betwen Walter Brend and Reese, and Reese owe me a favor so It's like a long trail.....

Thanx for the response!!!

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer