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Jul 31, 2000
I'm looking for a general use knife -- larger than a traditional pocket knife but small enough to clip inside pocket. Also like thumb stud and liner lock within the $50 range. I've been told that I should look at Boker or Benchmade. Are these good brands? Any other suggestions? Thanks for replying.
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For what it's worth I'd advise you to go and have a look at the Spyderco Endura, plain edge with zytel handles. Not the prettiest knife in the world but fantastic value and amazingly good at many tasks. You'd also get change


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Within $50? I don't think you can find any BM and Bokers in that price range. Check out CRKT's stuff, they are quality blades in really good price. Although you say u like liner lock and thumbstubs but i still have to recommend Spydercos, they are my favorite pocket/utility knives. Blades are easy to sharpen, lightweight, you just won't go wrong w/ Spydercos. Just my $.02.
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I second the Spyderco. Cant beat them for the $$$..Great knives...Hell I love em so much I even got a Spyderco Logo tattoo.

Ive never carried any of the CRKT knives but they feel like quality knives and Ive read alot of good remarks about them..

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Cool tattoo! I've always been a big fan of the Spyder logo... Personally I've been thinking of getting Etz'Nab, the Mayan God of edged weapons / Bob Terzuola logo permanently etched on my body sometime soon... It looks so cool on my Starmate.

To revryan, for a liner lock in the $50 price range I would go for a CRKT product. Period. I have given up on Zytel Spydercos for various reasons. (blades coming loose, no pivot adjustment screw, old ones had breakable plastic clips, etc...) The CRKT M-16s are particularly tough, and the even the Zytel models feature dual stainless liners. They would probably be tougher than the Endura, which is a lock-back rather than a liner lock, BTW.

If you don't like the M-16s there is always the Point Guard, Kasper (a design I've always hated, but to each his own), Mirage series, and so on...

The Sypderco Wayne Goddard Lightweight folder is a pretty decent choice (good size blade in ATS-55 steel) for the kind of money your talkin'.

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A number of excellent knives are available in the price range you have specified. Some of the best candidates, in my opinion, don't happen to be liner locks, but rather, lock backs. Don't overlook the Benchmade Ascent (in three sizes); although they are listed a more than $50, with the usual discount they are not too far out of your reach. Personally, I like the Spyderco Delica and Endura better. For something the size of a Delica but even better in terms of design and performance, I highly recommend the Spyderco Calypso Jr. Lightweight. I also like the Spyderco Wayne Goddard Lightweight a lot.

If you really need it to be a liner lock, I'd take a good hard look at some of the Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) offerings, such as the Kit Carson M-16's.

A lot of people like the Gerber EZ-out. These are definitely in your price range, although they don't enjoy the cult-like following of Benchmade and Spyderco here in the Forums.

In conclusion, if it were me, I'd flip a coin for the Endura or the Goddard Lightweight.

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I love Spyderco, I don't care for BM's, my last two production knives bought, CRKT. Don't overlook Outdoor Edge, I think the Magna's and Impulse's are in your price range.

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Do not overlook the new model Spyderco Native Light Weight. CPM 440 V is generally believed to be one of the new super steels. Very good edge, and keeps it.

Native can be had for less than $50.00 almost everywhere, which is about 1/3 the price of the next least expensive CPM 440 V blade.

The Native is a back lock rather than a liner lock however.

You can get the CPM440V (CPMS60V now, i believe) Random Task for about $100.00, but 60V is nothing compared to 90V, only available from a factory on Microtechs LCC Automatic.

In your price range I'd go with Spyderco, start off right.

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I'd reccomend a CRKT M16. It's very comfortable in the pocket, comes with a wickedly sharp edge, uses a reasonably high quality blade steel, has a very comfortable handle and the smoothest action I've ever experienced with a folder, and it's less than $50. Plus, the liner lock is very, very secure if you keep it clean! I've done the spine whack test on mine forty times now, 20 times after I opened the knife gently with the thumb stud and 20 times after I flicked it open hard. It hasn't failed yet, not once. It disengages easily too, even after 10 hard spine whacks in a row. The only thing that I have found to compromise it's integrity is lint on the tang where the liner contacts the blade. I can get the liner to slip with hand pressure on the spine and I'm pretty sure it would fail a spine whack in that condition. Just a scrap of paper towel and a toothpick will clean it up very easily and then it's solid as a rock again. Don't overlook this knife, especially when you can get the zytel handled version for about $30 from discountknives.com. It's a sweet knife at any price.
CRKT Crawford/Kasper LARGE "Fighting Folder".


Under $50, shipped, at most web-dealers.

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Spyderco or CRKT. These are my favourites and there's a lot of fans for these knives. There's lots of models to pick from and you can get a good knife for way under $50.
The $50 Spydercos are not the value of the higher end Spydercos, IMO. I own an Endura and its OK for what it is, but there may be better for the money.

CRK&T M-16 is good, as is the Buck Oddessey.

I know Buck's CS is about the best on the industry and am not familar with CRK&T's.

Happy hunting and welcome to the forums.
You really can't go wrong with Spyderco or Columbia River Knife And Tool(CRKT).


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The Spyderco Native in CPM-440V is a sweet knife, but the CRKT M16 is sweet too. My recommendation--find an extra $50 and get both.

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