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what to buy??

Aug 27, 2000
I've been researching a new quality but affordable knife. I've narowed it down to a couple of choices. The bucklite goliath, a buck ionfusion crosslock or the ken onion whirlwind or black out. Can somebody give me advice on which knife I should buy or suggest another knife to purchase in that price range??

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Umm, a little more? Lets see, Kershaw Whirlwind -$40, MT LCC-$140.
You stated quality and affordable..


And if your not happy with those check out the knives from Spyderco and CRKT

And yes im biased..Happily biased..

Also check the sale forums..Can pick up offerings from Microtech for good prices..top quality knives...I love my SOCOM and it replaced my Endura II as my daily carry.

My blades,Family and sale items.

More knives than you can shake a stick at...Well you could shake a stick at all of em,but yer hand would be REALLY tired.
Hey there, theviper. Usually a little more info on your intended uses will help us narrow it down for ya. I'm not that familiar with the Bucks you mention, but in the same price range as the Kershaws I would definitely check out the Spyderco Delica or Endura and also the offerings from Columbia River Knife and Tool. I'm all in favor of the Microtech LCC, but you could buy three of these knives for the price of that one.


Dang, I wish I had posted that before the Duck.

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Ya want the "best bang for your buck"?

Buy a CRKT Crawford/Kasper FF. Either the Large or the "Medium",, combo or plain edge...It doesn't matter which one...Just buy one.

You WON'T be sorry.

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Lets see heres some more info on what I am going to use the knife for:
basicly everything I use a knife a lot and all I have is a swiss army which is useful but the knives aren't the best part about it so I want a knife with a 3" or more blade that will last me and do its job.


BTW thanks for all of the help so far
Originally posted by Theviper:
Lets see heres some more info on what I am going to use the knife for:
basicly everything.....I want a knife with a 3" or more blade that will last me and do its job.

In that case I'd definitely say check out a plain edge Endura. A little better steel than the Kershaw and CRKT and a better overall blade shape for utility. Tough as hell, too.