What to get next? Confessions of a folderbuying Norwegian newbie.


Jan 13, 1999
I've always considered my traditional Norwegian fixed blade knives to be all
the sharp steel I would ever need. My parents gave me my first one when I was
5 (4" laminated steel, what in Norway constitutes the ultimate boyscout's
knife), which I still got somewhere (al right, so it's only 20 years ago ).
Of the 5 or 6 knives I've used and abused (in the sense that they took
somewhat early retirements, not in any other sense of the word) I've still
got two left:

The first is a Brusletto which my father bought from
the Brusletto factory outlet, and definitely my working knife. It has seen
all the parts of Norway I have, and gutted its fair share of the population
of North Sea cod and inland trout.

The second was a present for my Confirmation and made by my father's uncle.
This is the knife I choose when I want to "dress up" a bit. When I visited
a couple of years ago, my knifemaking relative (then about 85) was rather
cross with me for not using it for all the dirty work. My explaining
that it was because of how good it looks really didn't impress him.

Now, I must admit a couple of other blades somehow slipped into
my possession around 1990, namely a SOG Pentagon and a Sogwinder. I guess
I thought they were respectively cool and handy, and "Hey, everybody needs
one good doubledged blade and one small onehanded opening folder."
I've even gone so far as to buy the occasional Blade Magazine, mostly because
they are stacked next to the gun literature. But after this Christmas, I'm
afraid things might have changed ...

After I bought myself a Leatherman WAVE for Christmas, I decided to check the
net for any info on whether I had chosen the right multitool. You know, the
standard procedure of buying first and researching afterwards, a result
of having way to much consumer information at your fingertips. And then
I happened upon www.bladeforums.com!

Now I find myself with a black coated BM AFCK (ATS-34) and a Spyderco
Civilian (metal handle), thinking such thoughts as "Well, a black tactical
folder is _just_ what I need" and "Well, the design is perhaps unnecessarily
aggressive, and the effectiveness of a hawkbill blade somewhat controversial,
but it looks kinda cool and who knows when I will find one in Oslo again."

People, this is all your fault, now at least have the decency to tell me what
to get next!

On my "I have fondled them and they look interesting"-list are:
CS Vaquero Grande
CS Gunsite Voyager
Gerber Applegate (incl. Covert)
Spyderco Military

In case any of you should be curious on the knife situation in Norway,
I can inform you that it _is_ illegal to carry knives unless you have a
proper reason to do so. Basically it means that your knife can be confiscated
when out on the town at night. In Oslo and the larger towns (not really any
other cities in Norway) the law is naturally far more strictly enforced than
in the rural areas, where nothing but the most nasty looking blades would
raise eyebrows. Traditional Norwegian knives seems to be better tolerated
than Yankee cutlery in the form of large bowies and black mean-looking
folders. Balisongs and automatics are forbidden.

There aren't too many decent knifeshops in Norway (apart from the basic stuff
found in hunting and sports stores), but in Oslo there are two
which stand out from the crowd: "Top Secret" and "Pentagon" (silly names).
They are basically shops of the "army surplus" kind, but they carry quite a
lot of Cold Steel, SOG, Gerber, Spyderco, Al Mar and other brands. It is also
the only places you might find a Benchmade or two (or anyone who has heard
of the brand). Stuff I _really_ want, such as a Camillus CUDA, an EDI Genesis
or a [swallow] Sebenza is totally out of the question. Besides, they would be
rather expensive. I paid $240 (1800 NOK) for the Civilian and about the same
for the AFCK. For reference, a can of Coke is about $2. I guess I could
order over the net, but then there is the matter of customs and toll ...

Well, anyway, there went my bladeforums.com cherry! Sorry of it was a bit long
for a first post. This is truly a great forum with some exceptionally
knowing and generous individuals. I hope to be doing more then lurking
here as I gain anything worthwhile to say on the subject.

Please excuse any misspellings as English is not my mother tongue. (Even better, please
excuse that I first posted this to the review
section. I screwed up.)



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Welcome to the forums AB!! You seem to have it rough when it comes to knife collecting. I thought I had it bad because my wife won't let me waste money on knives.
Hope to see ya on the forums in the future.
God kveld Norge,

Gleder meg !

Snakker De fransk ?

Mitt navn er Nemo !

Ab well done, and welcome to Bladeforums. Your spelling is just fine in fact better than mine and I live here in the USA.
Welcome to the forums AB! There is something you should know about the "knife pox". There is no known cure! As to the knives on your "fondled" list, I have the BM CQC7 and am very pleased with it.
Well, I'm ashamed of myself for complaining (to myself) about knife prices here in the USA. AB, you are to be commended (or institutionalized
) for your dedication to our passion. But maybe you should try an internet dealer; surely you could save a little - and you seem to deserve a break !
BTW, welcome.
I would strongly urge you to contact the LARGER internet knifesites about sales through the mail. I think you may find it worthwhile financially and allow you to enjoy upscale knives at reasonable prices. I would suggest an EDI knife as your first overseas 'net purchase.

If your serious about a CR Sebenza, contact me offline.


Welcome AB great to have you with us.
I agree with Sid and Brian. A good place to start might be with James who moderates this forum. He will treat you well and will get the knife to you at a fair price if it is possible. As a matter of fact, I have it on good authority that he was checking into overseas shipments today. Hope this helps.
Oh yeah, Do not forget MicroTech. The Socom and Mini Socom are extreamly well done as non autos. I think you would enjoy any of their models.

James' site "Chai Cutlery" http://www.chaicutlery.com/


Welcome aboard! There are numerous choices out there so perhaps it'd be best to figure out what appeals to you most. Is it the latest design rage? Is it a style that you don't own and want to try out? Or are there new materials which pique your interest?

Designs: folders can be had in both traditional proven designs as well as new innovative locking systems.

Styles: here the gamet runs from little boot and neck knives to Nepalese khuhris.

Materials: (this has become my passion) technological advances have made available some exceptional materials for cutlery including cobalt alloys, beta titanium, ceramics, and CPM steels. The right maker can work miracles heat treating more established tool steels as well.

In an effort to more directly answer your query, I'd say of those knives you listed that the Spyderco Military in CPM440V is the ticket. You'll get a large one hand opening folder which employees a tried and true design and state of the art blade material.

I wish you well with your quest and dealings with your import tax officials!


Keep yer powder dry and cutters hair poppin' sharp!

Welcome, AB!
Of the knives you mentioned, the CS Vaquero Grande is one of my more recent purchases (at the Soldier of Fortune show here in Las Vegas last September). If you're really looking for a knife to catch some attention, just bring this one with you while you're bar-hopping in Oslo, and be sure to draw it a few times to clean your fingernails! It is, by the way, my personal choice as the PERFECT bagel-cutter, but you may have a little difficulty explaining this to the friendly local policeman who drops by to compliment you on your choice in knives.
Anyway, I sometimes bemoan my fate, living in a western city which only has two decent knife shows per year. I guess your situation has given me a quick reality-check, and I'm not in that bad a condition after all. And I wish you luck in your collecting efforts.
Warning - for your future peace of mind, do NOT, under any circumstances, go anywhere near New Orleans next August - they're having a little knife show there (the Guild show) and if you went to something like this, it would perminantly affect your enjoyment of factory knives.


Welcome to the forum! I recommend the Spyderco Military. It's my winter, going to the mountains (Colorado's Rocky Mountains) blade. I choose it because of the steel, (it trule does hold an edge very well) and the oversize opening hole (I hate having to take my gloves off to use a knife in the cold.)

By the way, my wife is Norwegian. She has relatives in Hammerfest. Beautiful, beautiful country. If there's anything a contact in the USA could do foir you, please e-mail me directly.

Take care and, again, velkomen!

Chris Smith
Thanks for all the answers and kind welcomes, people!

Complaining about high prices in Norway feels a bit like
complaining about gravity dragging me down, so my only
real gripe is with the available range of different
brands and models.

I am really tempted to try ordering from a reputable
internet dealer, but I do have some reservations. First
of all, I really don't like buying anything I haven't
held in my own hands. This should be especially important
when it comes to knives, as I believe a lot of feelings
are involved when choosing the one that is right for me.
And should I receive a bad one, the job of sending it back
for replacement is somewhat messy, with customs and all.
It feels very safe to have inspected the actual knife I
am bringing home.

Well, maybe reading about and seeing all these gorgeous knives
without actually being able to get ahold of them will
make force me to bend my priciples a bit. Quite
probably, actually ...

Nemo -

God dag, Frankrike!

Gleden er pa min side!
Jeg snakker dessverre ikke fransk, men
siden De tydeligvis behersker norsk
skulle jo ikke det by på noe problem.

Christopher -

Say "Hei" to your wife for me. Hammerfest even lies in
the most beautiful part of Norway. I'm a southerner myself,
but most of my relatives live way above the arctic circle.

I think I might go with the Spyderco Military like Bob also
suggests. Being able to open you knife with gloves on is a
real plus around these parts of the world
And then I might
pick up the BM CQC7, and the Vaquero sort of tickles my
senses and ...


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