What to store in the U2 utility pouch?

Apr 27, 1999
I am the VERY proud owner of a Kit Carson tanto-pointed U2 and thought I would ask your opinions of what to keep in the utility pocket? I have matches and a compass, but would like some other ideas. BTW, this knife is realllly sharp, got stupid and cut a tendon a few months ago. Later

Yes it's sharp!!!! Now go get the first-aid kit!!!
Cogratulations, I too own a Carson U2. I keep a leatherman, REKAT pioneer swept point, a DMT keychain diamopnd hone and a "BLASTMATCH" firestarter. It is all a tight fit. But I figure that I have covered all the tools that I would need to make the tools to live comptfortably.
I am also working on several designs for E&E kits and SAR kits. the primary knife for all of them is the U2 or the Intrepid. The folders I have picked for all the kits is the REKAT pioneer series duu to the lock strength.

What is your primary use of the U2 and what do you do?


The only things I would put in any sheath pouch is a sharpener and lightweight, unbreakable stuff like a lighter or some bandages, line and hooks, all waterproof wrapped.


1. The pouch is usually in the way when filled with bigger things. Since the pouch is in thigh height, it can more easily snag on something and open than a pouch on your belt.

2. Too much weight makes wearing the knife uncomfortable. It comes out of balance, starts swinging and will give you sores.

3. The pouch get's banged around (or you could fall on it) so all the stuff in there could get damaged.

It's always a good idea to split up your goodies, put the light/non-fragile stuff in a Ziploc (TM) and the heavier/fragile stuff into a compression proof plastic container, i.e. Tupperware (TM). The trick is, each package should contain enough items to keep you going. Put a few matches, bandages, fishing line, hooks, etc. in each container, not everything in one and than put them in different places (hipbelt, backpack, shirt or pocket pants). The keyword is REDUNDANCY. Don't rely on the knife pouch, use it only as a back up.

The modified U2 I have on order will have a Frank Sigman sheath without any pouch.
BMWGS800, I am a paramedic and I bought the U2 for SCUBA diving,camping,SAR, and basically all around use. I really love the sheath and the knife it self is way awesome. Later

Yes it's sharp!!!! Now go get the first-aid kit!!!
For working on the water and for diving I use a Kydex sheath from Frank Sigmon. Any of the other things I might carry are in my PFD or dry bag. Also I do not want any extranious gear that might get caught under water.