What to Tell the Wifey . . .


Oct 6, 1998
I'm a girl (not a woman until I get married), but wanted to offer some advice on how to tell the wife about your new Sebenza, BM, Spyderco, or other [new] knife you've recently acquired.

Lines that won't work include:
1. "I traded one for it" (not for that Sebenza, baby!)
2. "It cost nothing, really." (Not worthy)
3. "I've had this thing a 'long' time!" (That's HER line, not yours.)
4. "I bought it for YOU, honey, not for ME!" (You're not telling her that she can only have it after the coroner prys it out of your fingers!)
5. "I'm borrowing it from Fred, to see if I like it . . ." (Fred's a loser; she'll know better.)

What you need is to let her know that knives are your PASSION. You can live without a wife, but not without that new Sebenza you can't keep from fondling. More important, adjust the scale of your passion compared to 'other' pursuits.

For example, look across the street and notice that fool neighbor who just spent $26,000 on his new boat. You know and his wife knows that this year he'll take it out 20-30 times; next year he'll take it to the lake twice before putting a for sale sign on it, and consequently losing a fortune on that MobyDick purchase. Same goes for other pursuits on a descending scale of serious investment capital: motorcycles; carpentry; welding; truck accessories; guns; computers; lawn care/riding lawn mower; and so on.

So what to do? Remind the wife in your most convincing tones (just remember the passion you have for that new knife when doing this) that it is KNIVES that bring you joy and that you've forsaken other, more expensive hobbies to enjoy it. Slip in the weaknesses of every friend you have at this point: "Fred's an idiot for buying that boat he never uses; Del bought the farm on those guns, but now he can't afford a hunting license; and ol' Thurman, well, you wouldn't believe what he paid for his LAWN STUD-3000!"

This puts your little knives in perspective for her. Next to all that, you've helped her see your world in a different light. Remind her that most of the knives you have cost less than $65, and one good gun or new seat covers for the truck would cost five times that!

If that doesn't help, come find a girl like me next time around. I'll understand . . . as long as you don't touch my Military!

Let me know what HAS worked on the wife's brain. I'm interested, since I'll need the ammo for the future (inevitable) husband someday.
Wow! A woman who understands! You will make a fine wife for any lucky knife-knut. Thanks for the tips, there's a show this weekend
Hey Kysa, "With this SOCOM, I thee wed." hahaha

- Intelligent men, unfortunately, learn from fools, more often than fools learn from intelligent men.

Hey little lady, I am one of the lucky ones. Just yesterday my wife told me that she wanted to collect something, and that I would not beleive her. So I said what any wonderful husband as myself would say "what" hehehehehe. She said she wanted to collect Case Mini Toothpicks. Just like the one we gave her brothers little girl for Christmas. And I again came up with another wonderful husbandly statement "wow",Hehehehehe. Impressive hugh. 2 years ago she would have come closer to collecting whale poop than collecting knives. So what this tells me is, don't give up hope guys because they can learn to see the light. The only thing is you might have to do what I have done and insist on starting a knife selling business so she can stay home with the kids and not have to get a job. This way you get to handle alot of cool knives and let the wife do all the work, hehehehehehe. And if I want her to know I said this, I will tell her myself, hehehehehe. I guess I am just a lucky guy, what can I say. Your fat little buddy in the Texas Panhandle
Chris, Top of Texas Knives

My wife understands my passion on knives. That is why I could never tell her the story about the knife I owned for so long.
It is easier to convince her that I need a new knife if she likes it.
It would be very difficult to explain a REKAT PPOCKET HOBBIT.

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A good trick is to collect knives in pairs, one for you and one for her. My girlfriend and I have the two sizes of Alley Kat, an AFCK/mini AFCK pair (with matching customizations), a Police and Rookie, a Civilian and Cricket, a S&W SWAT and Baby SWAT...Calypso & Calypso Jr. are in the mail!


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
My new Benchmade catalogue popped through the mail box yesterday and I spent most of last night reading and drooling at the pictures.

My wife finaly put the light off when I was still reading and said " we cant afford any new knives"

I then told her I had sold several of my collection recently, which happens to be true, and she even let me put the light on and show her which one I wanted

I may get ther in the end.

Harvey Wareham

Live Long & Prosper, so you can buy more knives :)

My Fiance knows that I have to buy toys to keep my sanity.......and she knows I am not surfing girlie sites because I spend so much time here....and she can understand my recent knife binge......cuz she is binging on Beanie Babies right now.....


God is dead. -Nietzsche
Nietzsche is dead. -God
My wife told me last night that I can't get any new knives for awhile!Maybe it's because I had to barrow money from her savings this time,and because she had to do all the paperwork and send off my order this time.Oh well I'm getting some cool knives anyway.Hey what about all those beenie babies and that big display case I asked.!
scott w
"Sure Hun, we'll talk about my new knife, as soon as I finish writing the checks for your Lord & Taylor account and your new Jeep Cherokee."

"Every Dog Has His Day"


First, you are one in a thousand. I ahve to agree with tknife, you will make some lucky knifenut a good wife

Second, Not many people, male or female, know what a Sebenza is or how much it cost.
Even alot of your average knife store employees/lackeys have a clue, as has been my experience.

Third, The excuses you have mentioned "I traded it...." or "I've had it a while...." or even the old "I am borrowing it...." have worked for me and various others in the past. I think only those who surf the forums or socialize with those who do have any clue. Of course then there are the wonderful few such as yourself who share the passion.

Fourth, Sometimes it works to point to your neighbors outlandish purchases and say at least I'm not like that, but sometimes it comes back to bite you in the A#@.

Now of course if all else fails, what's your phone number? I'll show you my Military if you show me yours.

God bless!

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!
Kysa, great attitude! It's all about the presentation--and the occasional ability to sell "ice cubes to eskimos" doesn't hurt either.
I'm fortunate too, I guess. For one, my wife respects the awesome utility of knives. Secondly, she's borrowed my skinning knives for doing necropsies--adding to point #1. But I really knew I was set when I let her caress and fondle my new BM975--fresh outta the box, a while back,...she took it in her hand, inspected the blade, and uttered, "DEEEEEAAAAAMN, now THAT'S NICE." I SWEAR she heard the bells and sirens ringing in my head at that point!

It is better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

Im single,want to get married??
A girl who loves knives--THAT IS SO COOL!!!

The best way to get to the wife to allow all the knives in the door is to start working at a knife factory. Then everything you bring home is a field test!!!

'But Honey, its my JOB!!!'
If its your job to have knives, what can she say...

Jeff' Lucky to work in a factory' Hubbard

Well I told mine I was making some for some friends and had to order them.
Her response was to pick out one for herself that I have to make better than all the others. This means inlayed silver & gold and since she doesnt want to carry the thing on her side (15" bowie) I have to design & order her some custom made saddlebags with sheath to match her saddle.
O the labors of love
As a single guy I must say this has been one of the more entertaining and informative threads I have seen in quite sometime. Thanks to all for the valuable info.
Nothing like be prepared for the future.
Kysa will you marry me?
Just had to ask you know.


Tom Carey

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Check out. CGA online


Kysa, I'd tell ya I love ya, but I'm already happily married

Your very true on how intelligent and bright women are...I can't get much over on my wife. But, I've learned to cope and deal with our wonderful relationship.

First, I told my wife, my love and affection for guns/knives and my military occupation. She knew and accepted them. Second, I just recently made the sacrifice for my new Toyota 4Runner and bought her a car of her choice. Second, I'm helping/supporting her to complete her teaching degree. Third and most important, I'm accepting and tolerating her country music...

I bought her some roses and her very own knives for valentines day (a spyderco calypso jr. and BM Mel Pardue "gent"). She knows my taste in knives and thier relative prices...but every now and then I get to surprise her. Just the other day my Spyderco Moran showed up and she said "Oh, is that another $100+ dollar knife?" and I was able to smile and say "no way honey!, it was a great deal at only $50+!", and she said oh looks pretty neat!

Now that I listen to her country music and she carries her knives, we have a great marriage and relationship. AND YES, I CAN POINT OUT THE BOAT IN THE YARD DIRECTLY BEHIND US THAT THE NEIGHBOR NEVER USES! Your a very bright "girl" kysa, I'm not sure whether to congratulate your future husband or tell him good luck

Thanks for your most valuable input kysa,

Kysa, you are a woman. One hell of a woman, if I may say so.

I have a fiancee, and she says it's my business for now since we're not married and we're each making our own money. So launching a campaign on three fronts:

1. If you can't beat 'em, co-opt them and turn them to the dark side. Her carbon-fiber ladybug is on its way as we speak, ready to melt her lil' heart and turn her, bit by bit, into a full-fledged knife knut by next June of 2000, at which point she will find herself battling an inexplicable urge to use a Trailmaster to cut the wedding cake. BWAHAHAHAH . . . .

2. Put a legitimate face on your deviance. Currently learning to make knives. Eventually, it WILL be at least one of my jobs. Then what can she say? How can I make a better knife than Bagwell without a Hell's Bell to "study?" (No, I'm not seriously suggesting I'll be better than Bill Bagwell, hold your fire.)

3. Speed is of the essence. This is simply buying knives as quickly as budget allows in order to amass as large a collection as possible before the dreaded Joint Account arrives.

She may take my home, she may take my life, but she'll never take--my freedom . . . . . TO BUY KNIVES!!!