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What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

Oct 2, 2004
Having ended the experiment and going back to my sinfull ways as an incurable knife knut, I have my daily rotation with me. In addition to my ever present Wenger SI in its belt pouch with the LED light, I have my old yellow peanut back in my right pocket. My classic is back on my keyring, and I feel like all is back as it should be. And in memory of my dear old Uncle Paul, I even tucked a very old Christy knife in my tobacco pouch, just in case.

What are you guys carrying today?
Jan 14, 2008
[...] And in memory of my dear old Uncle Paul, I even tucked a very old Christy knife in my tobacco pouch, just in case.

What are you guys carrying today?

You just have to get a camera jackknife. Please!!! :D

Im carrying my 125OT and a camillus roughcut stockman, that has to fill in for the Boker I gave away.

May 30, 2007
my new meller yeller "lemon chiffon":D soddie jr
and an old 3 blade western whittler 6504 (that was my grandads)
Nov 11, 2006
I'm carrying my Case 62109 Wharncliffe blue bone that I acquired in a trade with my friend sunnyd. recently, I have been alternating this knife with an Ulster penknife on which I replaced the old plastic advertising scales with rosewood.
Nov 4, 2006
I haven't left the house yet, but the old trusty Schrade 340t's layin next to my wallet and I'm thinkin about grabbin the yellow Case mini trapper.....
Dec 17, 2001
Case Mini Trapper w/Wharncliff in Caribbean Blue. Not my favorite handle color, but I love the blades. May get it rehandled some day, since Case doesn't want to sell me this model in something normal, like stag, "bone stag", or even amber/caramel bone.

-- Sam


Jan 31, 2008
These are with me everyday when I leave the house.


The Catcherman lives in a pouch velcro'ed in the right hand holster pocker on mt 5/11 vest. The Cold Steel Mini-Pal serves as a zipper pull, the CRKT K.I.S.S. serves as a money clip, and the Leatherman Squirt is always in my watch pocket. These are not used when I reach for a knife but rather serve as safety and rescue tools.

Today I am wearing carpenter jeans. a bit roomier than my regular jeans so I picked out a larger knife to drop in my front pocket to handle the mundane cutting chores today. And of course a color coordinated lighter, a nice vintage Scripto...:D