What types of auto knifes are legal in Kentucky?

Mar 1, 2000
I put the same post in the automatic section and got very few replies. I know that not all autos are illegal in Kentucky. What blade length makes your auto legal to carry? Anybody know for sure?


The law seems pretty vauge on this one.

Kentucky Penal Code - 527.020. Carrying concealed deadly
weapon. (1) A person is guilty of carrying a concealed
weapon when he carries concealed a firearm or other deadly
weapon on or about his person.

Kentucky Case Law:
- "Law that prohibited the carrying of concealed deadly
weapons prohibited carrying them on one's own premises or
in one's own dwelling." (1939)
- "Law that prohibited carrying concealed deadly weapons
applied to any time or place..." (1948)
- "...the good intent or bad intent of the party carrying the
weapon was immaterial..." (1903)
- "A razor is a deadly weapon within the meaning of the
law..." (1947)
- "A butcher knife with a sharp pointed blade approximately
six inches in length is a deadly weapon." (1971)


This site seems to say yes.

Thanks for the link. What it seems to say is that ANY knife (and I guess that includes autos) is OK with a CCDW. Is that how you read it?


Ky's law on knives to me leaves a lot of room to interpretation. I focus mostly on firearms with a ccdw. For personal reasons I can not answer that specific question, but if you email me at Branspop@home.com , I may be able to refer you to some people.