What Was Your First Post About?

Jul 16, 1999

I think mine was a rant about how BladeForums had no Benchamde forum... I'm such a pain in the ass;-)

What what yours in regards to?

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Defending myself from some nutcase claiming to be me and using our web site as his home page in his profile. Luckily a BladeForum member emailed me to ask if this was me. At the time, I had never even been on Bladeforums so maybe I owe the guy a thanks for introducing me. - Jeff

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Now you have me wondering! It has been so long, and there is still no SEARCH...

I remember the incident that brought Jeff into the fold. The best possible result of that embarrasing fiasco.


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Somebody said something about Photons that caught my eye and then somebody said something about Carley Lamps that made me register on May 22. My first post was about SwissTools I believe. My first original post that I started was on rescue knives.

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Don't remember. I was probably being really argumentative about something, just like I usually still am. I'm working on it... someday I want to be a moderate, civil senior member like Mr. Mattis or Mr. Talmadge

I was arguing with Drew.

Either about being stabbed in the heart or about sabers evolving from scimitars.
I think I declared the SRK the greatest knife ever made hands down. Heh, funny now that I look back...
I am not sure but I think it had something to do with the Sebenza.
Trying to decide whether or not it was worth it or if I should trade for one of the fixed blade models....
Been loving it ever since....

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