What watch do you wear?


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Dec 3, 2006
Not a G Shock but still a fun watch to wear.
Aug 5, 2021
15 years ago I decided to get an outdoor watch. One that could survive my rough and tumble activities. I spent tens of hours researching tough looking watches, with tritium dials, the capability to go deep underwater, rugged designs, synchronising buttons and a whole load of others features that I realised I just didn’t need.

Enter the F91W

Priced 5-10€

10 year battery

It’s only “water resistant” but I’ve showered with it, swam with it and once it was in the sauna. Never had any problem.

It’s so slim on the wrist that it doesn’t get caught on anything. It’s also very light.

I’ve banged them around and the worst damage was one broken strap loop.

It tells the time, day and date, there is an alarm and a stopwatch.

Probably the best thing about the F91W is that I can put it on and forget about it. It doesn’t need to be babysat. I don’t need to limit any activity or worry about breaking it. Basically it lets me carry on enjoying myself.

The worst thing is the backlight. It is useless. But honestly, any time i am out in the dark, I also have a torch with me.

Sorry no pictures (I wish the forum could host its own pictures, for those who might not want to use third party hosting).


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Mar 4, 2013
Just received a MARATAC LSA-300 in the mail. Nice light Titanium diver with the proven NH-35 movement and ceramic lumed bezel. Homage to the old Tornek Rayville diver of the 1960's.

Piso Mojado

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Jan 11, 2006
Pagani Design PD-YS003




It looks like an IWC dress watch, not current production and I don't know which one. IWC makes really nice $6,000 Swiss watches. Pagani Design is in Guangzhou, Guangdong, PRC. They have no connection with Horacio Pagani who designs and builds $2.6 million super cars in Italy. My watch has a double domed sapphire crystal and a Seiko NH35A movement. The strap is one of the worst I've seen, but for $85 I won't complain too much. I think it's Buddhagator i.e. plastic. IWC dress watches all have alligator straps, so I will buy a fake alligator steerhide replacement. Florida needs its alligators to fight the pythons.

If this appeals to you, buy one next year. Malaysia is being hammered by the pandemic: that's where Seiko NH35A movements are made and there's a shortage. People have ordered Pagani Design watches with this movement and gotten a Miyota 8215 instead, which should be $15 or $20 less.
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