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What women do knifemakers like to ...

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Good question! We all know about Tim Herman's
taste in women (Tacbabes).

A Pat on the Back is only a few inches from a Kick in the Butt.
I don't know but I would say they would have to pretty sharp, look real good and be fun to take along on a hunting trip.
I was going to say something else, but it might have been considered sexist and we must not be politically incorrect.

Yes, Keith, we certainly do NOT want to be politically incorrect. I would not like to censor any thread, lock, or move it simply because it was inappropriate.

Nice going guys, you have made a mockery of the whole concept of the forums. If I lock, delete, or move ANY of these threads, the very same idiots who are pissed about me NOT locking, deleting, or moving, the Cars thread will scream about unfair and inconsistant moderation. So I am leaving all of these great threads OPEN.

I think it will work sort of like the current controversy over quick complaints about dealers going on in the GBU forum.

It will be obvious who is making a donkey of themselves.


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Actually, Para, I think you're on firm enough ground now to lock them all, and receive pretty much universal thanks.
RH - Thanking Para in advance for locking all of these ASAP.
Hey Para, sorry if it seems like I am in any way pissed at you for letting the car thing go on. I am not. I will say no more in any of these threads, and hopefully they will just fade away.

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