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What would be a good non-tactical folder for $75.00 or less?

May 18, 1999

The reason.
I have a friend that is partially disabled. He can do about anything for a very short period of time,But then he will pay for the exertion with an extreme amount of pain for 2 -3 days.
He can only work in security,because of his back problems. Consequently he doesn't have a lot of money to spend on a knife. Even one like this will have to be scrounged for.

He is wanting a lockng folder worn in a sheath for preferably around $60.00. He wants about a 4" blade and a fairly large (thicker) handle that is comfortable to hold.

A fairly wide clip,drop,or spearpoint blade would be the most desireable,not necessarily in that order.

The only other requrement is that
it needs to be able to be opened with one hand,flickable preferred.

I have seen a lot of discussion on some really nice folders and such,but these are almost always the top of the line with the most recent technology and materials.

Isn't there just a nice everyday pretty good quality general all around use knife that could be used for self-defense if necessary
on the market anywhere that sells for between $60.00 and $75.00 ???

I have looked,but I do better with holding something like this in my hand and feeling it for a bit and comparing it to others.
I can pick one up at a store and think "This feels pretty nice,but I really wish this was different."
I can then go to another store and check one out and think." I like this one better in this area,but I really liked the feature better on the other one." I find it very difficult to try and choose on of these from websites.
Folders have never been my strongpoint because I really like fixed blades better and usually have one somewhere about my person. If there is something like this out there I will probably buy
one also.

Just think of it as a "Saturday night special" kind of knife.

Thanks. I know you guys can help with this!


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The first thing that comes to mind is a Benchmade AFCK in ATS-34. These can be found on various internet sites for around $75.00 (The AFCK in M2 steel would be even better, but it is pricier). This is a classic tactical/utility design (emphasis on utility)that I've found to be very reliable. Another option would be the Spyderco Endura, which is considerably cheaper but is still an incredible knife and a great value. Neither of these knives come with a belt sheath, but any number of after market sheaths can be found at a fairly reasonable price.


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I would consider a Columbia River Knife & Tool Kit Carson M16-03 in spear point. Can get them on the net for $50.

AUS8 steel, ambi thumb studs, anodized aluminum frame, nice locking ability, good price and 3.38" blade

Another thought would be a Kershaw Liner Lock series knife. They're pretty nice too and around $50. They come in assorted sizes.

You can always add a cheap Side Kick sheath.

I like the M16 better though due to the steel.


How about one of the Kershaw knives available from the Blade Forums store at a GREAT price?

Stay sharp!


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I'd vote for the Endura98. That way your friend could get a sheath pretty easily and still be in the price range you gave.
All good suggestions and I'll add two. One is the Benchmade 840 Ascent and the other is the fairly new Boker 2055 Brend. The Ascent is a typical Zytel handled ATS-34 knife but has the ever popular Spyderco hole in the blade. The Boker Brend is a very fine value. I'm pretty impressed with it for the money. 440C steel (I think) G-10 scales and a little titanium here and there. It's definitely a tactical folder, though, and looks the part. Either of these knives will get the job done within your friend's budget. Take care.

Knife Outlet

I would go for the BF store model 1416, 44 bucks or so with including the shipping. Hell for stout knife, big robust, and scary sharp. I have one and is now splitting time with my C16, which is the other knife I was going to recommend. Heck you could buy both for just slightly more than 75 bucks. Both excellant values and more than adequate knives. Keep'em sharp.
You could also opt for either a Buck 110 fitted with a one-arm bandit (available through Smoky Mountain Knife Works last I knew, available here) or a Gerber Gator (which has a nice smooth action and can be flicked open with wrist torque if not thumbed open -- and it has a nice wide blade).



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I'd definitely go with a internet-bought Benchmade AFCK (800BT). If not, my second choice would be a Gerber EZ-Out ATS-34 #06768, which has a plain edge. www.discountknives.com has them for $33.75. They also have the AFCK's for $80.58 or $86.78 with the BT2 coating. At these prices, the AFCK is the best buy.
Benchmade 845 Ascent and a sheath if preferred. Economical and a good little knife in my everso humblest of opinions.
Benchmade 845 Ascent and a sheath if preferred. Economical and a good little knife in my everso humblest of opinions.


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Thanks guys. I knew I could count on all of you. Lots of good selections and I printed everyting off and will pass it onto him.
It may take him 6 months or so to scrape up the bucks,but when he orders something I will let you know.
It is much appreciated!


The civilized man sleeps behind locked doors in the city while the naked savage sleeps (with a knife) in a open hut in the jungle.
Yvsa! Hi! Glad to see that you're starting to come out of your lurking stage.

Anyways, I would concur with the other forumites here with regards to the Bladeforums Kershaw 1416 XXL. It's a great knife for the price, dang tough, too!

Err.. 6 months? Tell you what, show him the URL of the BFC Kershaw 1416. If he finds that he likes that knife, let me know ASAP. Oh, and you have mail.

I would suggest a Gerber Gator or Gator Drop point.

Large comfortable handle, comes with sheath.

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