What would you want out of a Titan carry rig?

Charlie Mike

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Nov 1, 2000
I'll be making one for personal use. Unless you wear suspenders or an ALICE LCE, pocket carry may not be a practical way to EDC this BMF for all occasions.
i wouldn't mind seeing a leather belt sheath. something like a pistol magazine pouch that is open at the top so the top half of the knife is exposed.
This is the kydex liner for a hefty leather pancake rig I'm making.

For something just like this? $50 shipped.
Best part is you don't need to send the knife!
thats a huge plus. I haven't been able to put this thing down since it came in. my fingers hurt from flipping it for hours on end!
I like it, can you do one a little bit larger?, to be more secure, I will like to carry mine on the woods, and I'm not as fit as you so I need a lower carry position, otherwise my belly gets in the way :eek: