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Whatever happened to the BM 806?

Jun 25, 2006
I've been seeing a lot of threads about the 710, and was wondering if anyone still carries an 806?

I got the handle both a while back. I went to a shop looking for those 2 models to handle them. I liked the way the 806 felt in the hand but wanted the blade to be in M2. Got confused and saw that only the 710 came in that steel. I ended up getting the 806 but still makes me wonder. When you're standing there for like 20 minutes and the shop owner is getting impatient while you try to pick one.

I like my 806 but never been able to get it back to shaving sharp the way it came. Any thoughts?
I like my 806 but never been able to get it back to shaving sharp the way it came. Any thoughts?

D2 steel takes awhile to grind down. If you're not hitting the edge you could be spending a lot of time just honing the bevel. Swipe each side of the edge with a black magic marker to see where are you are hitting. What kind of sharpener are you using?
I think people quit carrying them when they got disco'd and started to go up in value.
I still have mine in the rotation. I just traded off an old school version in m2 steel. (I'll take d2 and the axis lock over m2 and a liner any day.) I'm lucky enough to live by a shop the does sharpenings, so I've never had to mess with it myself. I've spent hours in that store looking at stuff too. I never worry that I was bothering anyone as long as I am going to buy something.
I carry the d2 version all the time. It's a great knife. I think it was one of BM's finest. I bought a few when it was rumored that they were going out of production.
I carry one daily. I could care less if it has more collector's value since being discontinued. There has never been a more lefty friendly non-lockback folder IMO.
The 806 in d2 steel is definitely my favorite edc. Mine stays sharper than any knife I ever carried and when it loses it's edge, I touch it up on my 1200 grit green dmt diamond hone. At least I believe it is 1200 grit. I have 2 new ones that I havn't carried and the user that I have been carrying at least a year. I think it's a keeper.