Whatever Happened to these Projects?

Feb 11, 1999
I remember there being some talk of trying to get a HI Yataghan done and maybe a HI Kyber done. What happended to these projects?


Yeah, and what happened to the HI Katars?!

If I sent them a wood katar would they make it?

Well, let's review what we already have in the "make a model and they will forge it" category. There's the SW bowie project, two tomahawks, who knows what other secretive little projects the various forumites are whittling at. I'm sure that somewhere, someone is furiously working at oh, let's say a 30" fully-curved Gelbu special with a coco-bola wood handle and white gold fittings, or an HI celtic leaf blade sword with knotwork engravings the whole length of the blade (brass inlays on those engravings, of course). We crazy American wouldn't have it any other way
Mc are you volunteering to make the model for the Celtic Leaf bladed Sword with the knotwork on the blade?
That I could and Probably Would go for!!!!


Indin word for lousy hunter.
BWAHAHAHA!! Me, make a model? Something that requires actual skill? Not unless you want the reply to come from Gelbu as; We thank you for the gift of the oar, but why is it scratched so badly?
I remember there must have been "James Bond" khukuri project. Is the project veiled, or just disappeared?

Mccld778, you may know, Miyamoto Musashi won Sasaki Kojiro in his best known duel with a bokken carved from an oar on his way while boarding a boat. In worst case, Gelbu will follow every detail of your "battle oar"!

Otokohadaremo yumenofunanori.
Shonennohinoakogare shinutokimade wasurezunidaiterumonodayo.
I think Harry got the James Bond khukuri.

Truth is we have people waiting for the standard and kothimoda katanas and kothimoda khukuris. We need to build some inventory before we take on a bunch of new projects.

Have I mentioned that the electricity shortage in the Kathmandu Valley has come to BirGorkha? They tell me the power is on now for only 5 hours per day and this is hurting production. If this continues we may have to buy a generator. Pala is out looking for one right now.

Blessings from the computer shack in Reno.

Uncle Bill
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Bro being short on good help and now with an electric shortage has to be the pits!!!!

I am gonna try to work on the SW Bowie model while we're in Phoenix, but like I said before, "It may take longer since I may have to make it in pieces and then glue it together to make sure the wood grain is as strong as possible in all directions."
We sure don't want the guard to break off in shipment due to it being made of cross grain wood.
And just maybe by the time I get it finished the help and electric problems may all be taken care of.


Indin word for lousy hunter.