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Whatever happened with the Mattis Memorial Knife?

Oct 1, 1999
I thought it was all decided that Camillus was going to offer a knife with a "Chai" etch, through 1stopknifeshop? What happened?

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I was wondering the same thing myself. I know I would like to have a "wee pen knife".
I hope this idea hasn't be forgotten.
PhilL is always the man to read his posts and agree with.

yes - we want to see it happen....

also - BTTT
Perhaps just a little too much on the players' plates right now?

BTTT. (Again)

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PhilL who?
Well, I'll tell you what I know.
I spoke to Will F. of Camillus, and getting all the "Wee Penn" knives we want is no problem. Getting the 'Chai' etched on them is no problem either except that the work would have to be farmed out, with probably 100 as a minimum order. The other problem is that someone has to take the time to put all this together. I can't speak for MikeT and Spark, but they may not want to take this on right now and commit to knives that may or may not sell.

Judging from the response to this thread this may be an idea whos time has past. As for me it would have been nice to have this knife as a way to remember James, but I don't think this is going to happen. As an alternative what I did was to buy a handmade mini puukko from Swedish maker Maihkel Eklund, which I wear around my neck every day. I can't fail to think of James when I see it.

No matter what happens anyone who came into contact with James won't forget this wonderful man.

That's all I know.
I got tired of waiting for any more news on a memorial knife from the forum so I made my own. I refurbished an old plain edge Spyderco Worker which was given to me by my mate Brian Edginton and an engraver has just etched a "chai" on it for me. I'll post a picture as soon as I can. I doubt if I'd buy a forum knife now as this one is much more personal. James was one of a kind and I really wanted to have something to remind me of him.


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Phil, good ideas all.
Kodiak PA was a good friend with James and misses him as do we all. He contacted me to make a sheath for his Nimravus Cub and wanted something to remember James, since James helped to Name the knife, here is the results, I'm sure Greg aka Kodiak PA is reminded everytime he uses the knife....


It was from James Mattis that I received my Wood Inlay Small Sebenza, we talked a while on the phone and I ended up changing my order for that one, I had sent a money order for another knife and told him when it arrived to just put it towards the Sebenza, he laughed and said `I understand' and it took a while longer to come up with the remainder! But have it now and it also reminds me of James....


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