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What's a "utility grind" ?


Jan 31, 1999
That's what BM says is on their Ascents. What does that mean - rough edge ? single or double bevel ??
Cliff, nice site.

So, "thick edge", does that mean not so sharp, or harder to sharpen, or nothing at all performance-wise ?

"Thick edge" means not so sharp, and harder to sharpen the first time you re-profile the factory edge (which I almost always do with a new knife). Conventional wisdom is that a thicker edge will be stronger (less likely to chip or roll) for hard use cutting and chopping, but less efficient in terms of pure matter separation ability.

As a general rule, you want your edge angle to be as acute as possible for the kind of cutting you anticipate doing, and still avoid chipping.

"Thin to win." That's my motto. But I don't use my knives to chip bricks.

David Rock

AKTI Member # A000846
Stop when you get to bone.

As for Myself and my Knives i kind of even Refer to my own grind as a "UTILITY GRIND"

my theory is that a blade has to Be Ground and taken as a Whole object not broken into segments as to type of finish, so i consider the Finish of a Blade and the Grind of a blade as one in the same.

I consider a UTILITY GRIND in the same sence
i do when i take a Flat ground blade to
150 finish grit,then Scotch brite belt,bead blast, and Hard coat finish, although i call it a Combat utility grade Finish.

i dont think a Flat ground Scotch brit finished Blade should be finished to any less a degree of accuracy than if it was a mirror polished blade,its degree of formalized finish is i think what Denotes a Utility/User Grind from a more Collector type Grind/finish.

Either that or i am just tired and spent the last 5 minutes typing without reason at my keyboard <shrug> nite all!


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